Outlook - too many recipients

  penhit 13:47 17 Jul 2009

I want to send a newsletter to a group of 100+ contacts through Outlook 2003
I used to be able to do this with no problem, but since changing ISP have found I cannot circulate the newsletter to all the group. I now get the message '52 too many recipients'
The ISP says it is a software problem, but I cannot find a solution via microsoft support.
Help. Any ideas?
Many thanks

  Clapton is God 13:50 17 Jul 2009

Send 2 or 3 separate e-mails??

  penhit 13:56 17 Jul 2009

The message I receive is 452 too many recipients.
it does not indicate what the limit is.

  Clapton is God 13:58 17 Jul 2009

"The message I receive is 452 too many recipients"

That's not what you said in your first post.

Perhaps get yourself a free Google mail address and send from there.

  penhit 14:01 17 Jul 2009

typo in first posting

  exdragon 22:30 17 Jul 2009

Who is your ISP? I'm with o2 and used to be able to send over 120 email merged messages in the twinkling of an eye.

Suddenly it ground to a halt. I spoke to o2 at great length and they told me there was a cap of 50 per hour on their home package but that it's unlimited for the pro package at £17-odd per month. As I currently pay £5, I don't really want to pay the extra.

I did find a way round it, though a bit time consuming - I did the email merge in the usual way, but moved them from the Outbox to the Draft folder. I could then move them in small batches to the Outbox, or alternatively, open them from the Draft folder and send them individually.

  anchor 08:08 18 Jul 2009

452 recipients; Your ISP possibly considers you are sending spam.

  penhit 09:27 18 Jul 2009

ISP is BTinternet. Following this posting I spoke to them and they said max 100 ina group.
452 is not the number of emails I am sending, but the number of the error message.

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