Outlook suddenly refusing to connect

  Kate B 11:43 06 Jul 2005

Everything else on the network is fine - the internet, my webmail, Entourage on the Mac ... but suddenly Outlook 2003 on my Windows box is saying that it's unable to find the pop3 servers for my two email accounts, though it's happy finding the smtp servers. *tears hair out*

Any suggestions?

the network has been up and down a bit this morning as I've got electricians in so the router has been on and off but everything else seems fine.

  scotty 12:09 06 Jul 2005

Sounds similar to a problem I had recently click here


Send mail OK

Web mail OK

Network OK

Two e-mail accouts.

I was using WinME, OE6 and have AVG & Zonealarm installed. ISP is Virgin.

Tried numerous things without solving the problem. Eventually, a Format and re-install cured things (which I am not suggesting that you do, but it showed that the problem was with the pc).

Suggest you try some of the things suggested in the linked thread such as deleting accounts and recreating them.

  stalion 12:16 06 Jul 2005
  De Marcus 12:21 06 Jul 2005

I'd personally wait till the leccy boys have finished doing whatever it is their doing, my router doesn't take too kindly to being switched on and off despite the fact that in theory all settings are saved and should be fine regardless.

If it's still going wrong after they've left consider further research.

  Kate B 14:20 07 Jul 2005

Well, I've no idea what the problem was but I got the ethernet bridge to renew its ip address and all seems to be well. Guess I'll have to put it down to the Bad Leccy Fairies. Thanks all for your input.

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