Outlook Send & Receive

  sibaw 12:29 07 Dec 2006

I have a problem with the send & receive progress menu staying open after it has actioned my outbox emails and do not know why.

I have not added or removed software removing MS Outlook and re- installing it does not solve the problem also
"dont show this dialogue box" is ticked but outlook ignores it and opens it up anyway.

any suggestions?

  mgmcc 13:36 07 Dec 2006

Often using the option on the Office CD to "Repair" is more successful than uninstalling and reinstalling an application.

  rawprawn 13:50 07 Dec 2006

Just as a matter of interest, which ISP are you using? I have had a similar problem this last 2 days and I can find nothing wrong. As a rider, it seems to have righted itself today. I cannot figure out why it happened unless it is somehow comming from the ISP end.

  sibaw 14:17 07 Dec 2006

thanks for your help, I have tried the repair option from the XP disk, no avail I'm afraid it still does it. What is odd the coloured progress bar whips up to full pretty quick and stops and then the menu sits open until I close it.

My ISP is toucansurf.

  sibaw 09:25 20 Mar 2007

Has anyone found an answer to this problem yet please. It has been going on for months.

  wee eddie 09:37 20 Mar 2007

Is the only area I can think of. Although I have been through with a fine comb and cannot see anything to change the S/R Display.

Also Under Send Receive Settings you have "show Progress" that may be ticked.

  I am Spartacus 09:52 20 Mar 2007

If you click the 'Details' button you will see what looks like a pushpin on the bottom right of the message box. Click the pushpin.

  Furkin 10:22 20 Mar 2007

I agree with rawprawn - which ISP are you using ?
I'm having terrible trouble with V21 again lately,,,, & I have also lost all in/out via O.Express.
It's all to easy to jump in & change things on your machine,,, that might not need changing - we'r at the whim of ISP's.
In my case, i've had enough of V21 & will begrudgingly be moving.

  sibaw 10:53 20 Mar 2007

Thanks I am Spartacus, that worked.

  wee eddie 11:02 20 Mar 2007

Well done

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