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  shellship 18:38 12 Jun 2007

My rules in MS Outlook XP have got muddled (probably my fault) so that emails now rarely end up in the correct folder and I want to delete the lot and start again. This can be done by going into each rule separately but that will be a bit of a pain. Is there a method by which one can delete the lot with a single stroke of the pen (or keyboard!), please.

  shellship 16:56 14 Jun 2007


  Jackcoms 17:10 14 Jun 2007

Instead of deleting why don't you un-muddle what you have and re-write/correct each one?

  shellship 18:49 14 Jun 2007

Thanks for reply. There is more than one way to make a rule - either make the rule for an individual sender like Jackcoms, move him to Friends folder and the rule will be called Jackcoms or modify the Friends rule to include Jackcoms. I may have done both for many emailers as a result of which very many mails end up either duplicated in several folders or even in the wrong folder. I thought that by starting all over again I might make new rules and avoid these problems.

  Woolwell 19:03 14 Jun 2007

This works with Outlook 2003. Go into Tools - Rules and Alerts on E-mail rules select the top one and then scroll down to the last one click on it whilst holding shift and the entire rules should be selected. Click on delete.

  shellship 11:09 16 Jun 2007

Thanks but Outlook XP does not have this option under "Tools" unfortunately. I will mark this as resolved as I have deleted all the bulk rules, leaving the individual ones unchanged. Will see what happens.

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