Outlook pst file on 2 logins

  originalmiscellany 11:26 12 Sep 2008

I have a work laptop with 2 logins; 1 for home and 1 for work.
My home login has outlook with all my calendar diary etc in.
My work one is effectively a blank outlook other than emails, but no calendar entries etc.

How easy would it be to have the outlook file in 2 places, so I could log in under either login and see what my outlook to do list was/is?

  lotvic 12:03 27 Sep 2011

Seems you can share some info, this might help http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/sharing-your-outlook-information-HA001147757.aspx or google for share outlook to do list

Apparently http://www.office-outlook.com/outlook-forum/index.php/m/433542/

"the To-Do List is NOT a sharable folder because is it technically a "query" generated based upon the user profile. The best workaround is to place any "To-Do List" item directly into "Tasks" which can be shared."

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