Outlook Problem

  Johnallan 11:52 11 Sep 2011

PC running Vista 64bit, MS 2007 Standard and Norton 360. Also have BT Infinity. All runs fine with with MS products except Outlook which recently started having problems. Initially I could not swap windows to bring up calendar and the task pane shows nothing except the flags are blank and keep flickering. A new problem is with email, which when typing is extremely slow and is my main concern as I send out 10-15 lengthy business emails a day.

I have run MS Diagnostics from Outlook and comes back with no problems. I have re-run MS Office, repair. I have run every facility in Norton 360. Searched the MS website and found nothing that looks like it might help.

Can someone please help me with identifying the problem and / or recommend further diagnostics?

Many thanks

  Woolwell 16:05 11 Sep 2011
  1. Archive many of your old e-mails and compact the file (latter File - Data file Management - select the relevant file and click on settings and then chosse compact. This can take a long time and unable to access e-mails while doing it)

  2. Scanpst and ScanOst Outlook data files as a corruption may be the cause.

  3. Consider creating a new profile.

How much ram do you have?

  Johnallan 16:24 11 Sep 2011

Many thanks Woolwell, I have never archived and kept most email, so worthwhile exercise. I had considered removing Outlook and re-installing but when trying to remove it get's a bit scary for me because it asks do I want to remove MS Office, which I don't. I'm not confident that when backing up my email has been stored and there is quite a lot of business stuff that I need to keep.

I have 8 GB of ram

  Johnallan 18:37 11 Sep 2011

Woolwell, I have archived with no improvement but interestingly when searching ScanOst or Scanpst they cannot be found. Went onto Outlook help and used their drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE12 and still did not find anything. Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem?

Thanks for your help

  Woolwell 22:18 11 Sep 2011

They should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12. Check that they are not hidden files. If they are missing then a re-install is probably the best way forward.

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