Furkin 09:06 30 Oct 2009

ACER Desktop T120 XPpro sp3

Since installing IE8, (amongst loads of niggles) when on the net & want to make contact, I click on the e-mail 'link', & I get a message asking if I want to install/use OUTLOOK.

I don't want to use Outlook,,,,, am more than satisfied with O.Express.

Can I stop these OUTLOOK pop-ups ?

  birdface 10:39 30 Oct 2009

I think that I read somewhere that they are going to do away with Outlook Express but when I don't know.
Have you got outlook express set as your default e-mail provider.
Is there a box on the pop ups that you tick not to show this message again.
And do you have pop up blocker enabled in Tools.

  Furkin 10:48 30 Oct 2009

1/ Oh,,, no !
I thought that i'd read the opposite somewhere,,, cos as so many people use & swear by it, that it was carrying on - oh well !

2/ O.E is my default - purposely.

3/ Nope - I wish there was. Merely 'Install' or 'Exit'.

4/ Yep - Pop up blocker always activated.


Back to a previous post: In the meantime, I've changed my e-mail address, to see if I would get Incoming Message Notification - but it seems that it hasn't made a difference.

Strange thing is, that I always get the PCA Newsletter,,,, so my address must have been working 'properly' !?!

  xania 10:52 30 Oct 2009

If you want to use Outlook Express, be warned that the latest versions of MS Office corrupt the spell checker and only leave you with the French language version. It seems that MS have now decided, in their wisdom, that you WILL use Outlook.

  Furkin 14:20 30 Oct 2009

I have had spellchecker problems,,, (posted it here) but only since downloading IE8.
I had to download the checker from IE7.
It's still [email protected]@ered,,,, but usable.

As you say, if they stop OE, I'll have to change !

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