Outlook has locked up

  Fancy Footwork 12:29 15 Mar 2005

I have received a message saying that my Outlook pst has rached its maximum size (it's 1.9 gigobytes!) and that I should delete items to free up space. But, when I try and do that, up comes this: "The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists restart Outlook". Tried that but it doesn't work. Help! Fancy Footwork

  rawprawn 13:29 15 Mar 2005

Try Detect and Repair in Outlook Help.

  Modo 14:33 15 Mar 2005

Which version of Outlook

  Modo 15:31 15 Mar 2005

Basically if it is pre XP you have two options.

If you really have 1.9GB then you need to archive some of those files to get space back. I can't remember back to 98 but it will probably be under the File menu as archive. A wizard will guide you through the options, allowing you to define the dates and folders you wish to archive.

Second alternative is to increase the space allowed for the .pst folders. Back to 98 I certainly can't remember. Either google the question or wait for someone who can remember to post the answer.

  rawprawn 10:42 16 Mar 2005

"Thanks for your advice. Dell Software help were absolutely useless - refused to advise on the grounds that they couldn't tell me how to delete material because of the data protection act. Anyway a friend eventually solved the problem by saying that Outlook would let me Archive even if it wouldn't let me move stuff. She was right and I did and I now have Outlook back! FF"

Anyway I'm glad you are sorted out.

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