Outlook Files - Where to put them ?

  Dirty Dick 17:06 04 Sep 2008

I have just reformatted my laptop following a major crash, and managed to salvage all the files & , folders including the Outlook.pst files (mailbox, calendar, archive etc.)

However, when I run Outlook 2007, it asks for the files. I have put the files in a folder on my desktop (for easy access) and from there I can import the ifo into Outlook.

BUT when I move that folder after installation, say into My Docs, it then asks for the files again.

Can anyone suggest where these files should be located.



  Woolwell 17:37 04 Sep 2008

Not sure about Outlook 2007 but in Outlook 2003 if you go to tools - Options and on the Mail set up tab you can click on data files and set the place to store the pst files and you can see where Outlook is trying to put/find them.

  Dirty Dick 18:16 04 Sep 2008

I have used the Import Wizard to import the files. I first tried to import them from an external drive, but Outlook said I could not do that. So I copied them into a folder on my desktop, and I was able to import them into the programme.

However, when I subsequently moverd the folder, the path could not be located, to the new place I had put the folder.

Do I have to leave the folder where I have imporrted the files from ?

  wee eddie 18:24 04 Sep 2008

Is Outlook demonstrating that it has incorporated the .pst File into it?

If it has, then you can delete the file that you used to transfer the information as it is now held within Outlook.

never-the-less, I would hold onto it for a while, at least until you have Outlook set-up to create back-ups.

  Dirty Dick 20:25 04 Sep 2008

wee eddie

I have imported the file into Outlook, and then I move the folder, but the next time I open Outlook, it says that the path is wrong.


I point Outlook to the location, but after I move the folder, Outlook can't find it

Do I have to leave the files/folder in the same place as where I opened it from ?

  jtt 20:58 04 Sep 2008

It's best to put your .pst file where you want it (but DO NOT overwrite the existing .pst file) and to tell Outlook to use it, and to stop using the existing .pst file. The following assumes Outlook 2003 - hopefully it is similar in Outlook 2007...

1) Open Outlook and rename the existing "Personal Folders" (on the left) by right-clicking it, choosing Properties, clicking on Advanced, and changing its name to "Old".

2) Choose menu item File > Open > Outlook Data File, then navigate to the .pst file that you want to use and OK it.

3) Choose menu item Tools > Email Accounts and choose View or Change existing email accounts, then click Next.

4) In the "deliver new email to the following location" box, choose "Personal Folders" from the drop-down list, then click Finish, then click OK to the dialogue box that appears.

5) Close Outlook then open it up again.

6) Right-click on "Old" and choose "close Old".

This is the official Microsoft way to do it.

  Dirty Dick 21:01 04 Sep 2008

Did as you said

Opened Outlook. Tools > Options. Hit the Mail Setup Tab then Data Files.

Personal Folders


  jtt 21:08 04 Sep 2008

Dirty Dick: That might be the location of a new .pst folder that Outlook has created since it can no longer find your .pst file.

I've found Microsoft's instructions for Outlook 2007 which is a bit different from mine - see click here

Good luck!

  jtt 21:15 04 Sep 2008

By the way, if you still have problems with Outlook after you've got it to use your .pst file, it may be because you've damaged your Outlook "profile". To fix it, you create a new profile (nothing to do with the .pst file) and delete the old one. See click here

  wee eddie 17:24 05 Sep 2008

In the past you Exported from Files which created a .pst file on your Desktop.

This you transferred to another PC.

Then you opened Outlook and used File > Import to include that .pst file within your copy of Outlook.

You appear to be trying to physically move the .pst file which is not necessary. When you use the Import Function, Outlook incorporates the contents of the old .pst File within its own current .pst File, but leaves your old File intact wherever you placed it.

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