Outlook exress and Norton

  Bazz2000 22:55 22 Jan 2004

I use outlook xpress 6 for my e-mail and Norton systemworks for my antivirus on windows xp pro. Recently I had a problem with my e-mail i.e. not being able to send or receive. I contacted my isp and was told to disable Norton as it was set to scan all e-mails in and out. After I did this my e-mails came through and everything was fine. I dont like the idea of not scanning e-mails. I said this to the operator and she said it wasnt their problem? I havnt changed any settings in outlook express or in Norton. All was fine until about a week ago. Please Help. Thanks in advance folks.

  GYPSY 23:10 22 Jan 2004

I had a similar problem not so long ago i also run oe6 and norton, the problem was a critical update Q330994 that i had downloaded from microsoft. Check in your add/remove programmes to see if it is there and uninstall it. If thats not the problem you can always download it again but i am pretty sure it is

  beeuuem 23:11 22 Jan 2004

Does this occur only when you go on line to check mail?
If you go to 'Tools'> 'Options' >'Connections'tab and uncheck the box 'Disconnect after sending and receiving' it gives Norton time to scan before the connection is terminated.

  GYPSY 23:16 22 Jan 2004

as an asside i have disabled the "scan outgoing emails" on norton as it just takes forever and if norton is up to date it should have picked up any viruses anyway.

  Bazz2000 23:21 22 Jan 2004

Gypsy you are an absolute star. I found that update uninstalled it rebooted and testedmy e-mail with Norton enabled. May you grow very rich and all your children be beutiful!!! Thanks everyone

  DieSse 23:37 22 Jan 2004

But now what do you do about the problem the critical update addresses?

  DieSse 23:40 22 Jan 2004

I really should have added - the problem is not with the critical update - it's clearly with Norton. I have the update installed fine, with a different AV. Have you looked on the Symantec site for their cure for the problem?

  GYPSY 22:48 23 Jan 2004

That's a good point DieSse, I think that if you have a firewall and an up to date antivirus worrying about the odd "critical" security patch from m'soft is not really relevant, but if symantec have solved the problem all the better and it's not strictly their problem as it was a m'soft who changed there os .

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