Outlook Express/Wanadoo

  ginjavision 13:42 19 Aug 2006

Is it now recognised that you cannot connect to .wanadoo.co.uk email address using outlook express? I ask because I just went round to my neighbours having told him how easy it is to setup and discovered it isn't! Have surfed for answers but consensus seems to be you have to use the orange webmail service ...

It seems rather odd, because I use an old freeserve address with my outlook express, and the pop.wanadoo.co.uk. mail server. When I set up my account on his machine to see if it would work, it wouldn't! Just got a no response message, yet it works fine at home.

I have a .freeserve.co.uk speedtouch connection and he has .wanadoo.co.uk speedtouch connection, I know he can view via the orange webpage, so I assume .wanadoo.co.uk addressed won't let you access but .freeserve will?

  vinnyT 14:10 19 Aug 2006

Hi, I just logged onto the wanadoo (tho it's now orange) site, looked at the support pages for email and from what I read there shouldn't be a prob using oe. click here#

The vast majority of those faq answers were relating to outlook express.

Sorry if I've mis-understood.

Hope this helps.

  ginjavision 14:36 19 Aug 2006

His machine is now configured exactly the same as mine to receive emails - I even took the settings for my email account and added them to his machine - it works fine- the only difference being that he connects to a [email protected] conenction I have a [email protected] connection.

I have even tried setting to pop.orangehome.co.uk with no success. Whether pop.wanadoo or pop.orangehome we just get a server has not responded, do we want to wait another 30 seconds.

Strange thing is, I have just added his details to my outlook express and we can download his emails to my freeserve connection!

  Woolwell 17:13 19 Aug 2006

The @fs bit is the Broadband log on details and is not needed for e-mail.
If smtp is set as smtp.wanadoo.co.uk and pop as pop.wanadoo.co.uk then the e-mails should be able to be sent and received.
Log in information for e-mails should be username .wanadoo.co.uk (without the space) and without @fs.
Can he access his e-mail through webmail?
If his e-mail address is @fsmail.net then there could be problems accessing it through OE.

Hope this helps and is not too confusing.

  ginjavision 18:44 19 Aug 2006

No we don't have the @fs bit in the account just name.wanadoo.co.uk and yes it is set to pop.wanadoo.co.uk and smtp.wanadoo.co.uk

I set up everything on the properties page the same as I did on my machine, they all downloaded to my machine (I had to repost them back to him!) but not his!!

He can access through orange webmail, but I told him OE was more flexible .... he connects through the wanadoo connection, whilst I use the speedtouch connection - could that have anything to do with it?

It just seems illogical to me

  Woolwell 22:26 19 Aug 2006

The way he connect should not affect his retrieval of e-mail.
Suggest that you double-check his settings.

  Zorgalite 13:03 20 Aug 2006

Just to let you know Ginjavision, that you're not alone here. I tried to setup OE on my fathers dell laptop to receive mail from his wannadoo (now orange) webmail service. I changed the settings as you have done, and it worked innitialy. But within a small time period, or at the next boot, it had changed the settings back to the Orange ones. I never did get to the bottom of it, so would be interested to know outcome.

  Daiol 13:29 20 Aug 2006

hi i had exactly the same prob after i reinstalled my windows xp pro last month.What you got to do 'this is from orange via a long phone call' open outlook express > tools > accounts > mail tab,you must type in ORANGEHOME,in that box then follow through the account and enter the same in each box do not type in wanadoo nor freeserve it wont accept it.thats what i was told by orange themselves over a long telephone call.My email was****@wanadoo.co.uk and still is.Good luck hope it will be of help to you,all the best.

  palinka 14:25 20 Aug 2006

Am I missing something here? If I want to log into [email protected] (or a similar address) to get my emails I use Internet explorer, NOT Outlook Express. If I'm using Outlook Express I don't need to go to the WEBsite.

  ginjavision 14:48 20 Aug 2006

Zorgalite - I am glad I am not the only one!

Daiol - Thanks for that, I will give it a try when I pop next door again and let you know the outcome - might be a few days yet, but setting the account to orangehome (and I assume you mean the pop.orangehome.co.uk and smtp.orangehome.co.uk) is something I haven't tried yet, although I had tried changing the pop and smtp addresses changing the account name could make all the difference!

Palinka - yes I think you have missed something!

  Woolwell 23:43 20 Aug 2006

Interested to know how you get on.

Both my wife and I use Orange. She through OE and myself through Outlook. We still use pop and smtp wanadoo.co.uk without any trouble at all. You also don't seem to have a problem on your own PC which makes me think that there is something else which is different on your neighbour's.

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