outlook express and virus help

  patso 19:18 26 Oct 2005

i recently set up an e mail address for my wife but before she has even used it somrone was sending e card viruses to it.i use outlook express for my e mail.if i delete her e mail off it will the sender of these be blocked and how do i delete her emailas another user of outlook.i use avg free and the virus vault has all the info on the sender.how do i stop this person as this is the third e mail virus sent to her address.would i be better creating a web based e mail.thanks

  stalion 19:21 26 Oct 2005

for a start install this so you can check your emails on the server click here

  stalion 19:22 26 Oct 2005

scan with a2 click here

  Jackcoms 19:26 26 Oct 2005

First - don't respond to the sender. That just confirms to him/her that your wife's e-mail address is active.

In OE, and with the offending e-mail highlighted, go to Message; Block Sender and click through the various messages.

In future any e-mails sent from that same address will go straight into the Deleted Items folder.

  patso 13:19 28 Oct 2005

thanks for the replies.i have a2 and done as suggested.canyou tell me how to delete the email address from outlook as well.sorry for the late reply as i was away .thanks patso

  PaulB2005 13:22 28 Oct 2005

You can't really stop people sending viruses to you any mor than you can stop random people mailing you.

Not sure what you mean by "canyou tell me how to delete the email address from outlook as well" What do you want to achieve?

Just keep deleting unwanted mail using the program from stalion's posting.

  p;3 14:16 28 Oct 2005

if memory serves;assuming the Outlook express has automatically stored the senders address in the address book;open the address book and highlight the unwanted one and press delete; you I suggest definitly need to utilise the mailwasher program as mentioned above;using it you can preview any mail on server, see what is wanted and what is spam and delete and blacklistunwanted mail from server;dont bounce anything; I use it and now would not be without it;you can program mailwasher to recognise spam and rogue mail addresses and when you press the "process mail" tag in mailwasher, the mails you have indicated for deletion are automatically deleted from server,so kept away from your pc; you cannot stop anyone sending you any mail, but you can stop any unwanted mail reaching your pc:)

try it and see for yourself:)

  Sirpad 14:23 28 Oct 2005

Very easy with Outlook Express.....
1. Single click on message (don't dble click)...
2. Select Message in toolbar....
3. Select 'Create Rule From Message...
4. In the 'Select Actions for your rule' just choose 'Do not download from server'

The rest is history.......

To delete the address jusy select it in your address book...right click.choose 'delete'.

  patso 17:20 31 Oct 2005

many thanks for all the help will do as suggested .patso

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