Outlook Express v WebMail

  vanbrugh 19:59 14 Feb 2007

The WebMail facility on NTLWorld.com is fine as far as it goes! There are two snags.
1. No facility to block unwanted e-mails; only a facility to trash them after you have looked at them!
2. Large print info of not much use to non-techies is clear to read at the beginning but sstraight text in the following message comes upas too minute to read!

  Jackcoms 20:45 14 Feb 2007

What is your question??

  Jackcoms 20:11 15 Feb 2007

Via e-mail from vanbrugh:

"I would have thought that the question was quite clear! In the opinion of you techies out there, which is the best option? Access to Mail by direct access to NTL/Virgin server or 'filtered' through Outlook Express?"

Do NOT use the yellow envelope to contact Forum members unless invited to do so.

It would appear that your question was not "quite clear" to anyone - as evidenced by the complete lack of replies to your post.

For what it's worth I prefer OE - but I'm sure that other members will have differing opinions.

At the end of the day it's down to what suits you best and what you are most 'comfortable' with.

  lotvic 20:21 15 Feb 2007


I usually go to my webmail and then delete any that I do not want to reach my pc (spam etc).

I then open Outlook Express and download the rest.

I find the facility to read my mail on any pc - via Webmail very useful.

  Woolwell 20:32 15 Feb 2007

Most ISP's have a max limit for the amount of mail that you can keep on their servers. If you want to keep copies of your e-mails for some time and have a back up then it is better to download to OE. Webmail is highly useful on the move when you can use any PC eg internet cafe. I use both.

  vanbrugh 21:06 15 Feb 2007

Thanks for all the help. Sorry about the yellow envelope, Jackcomms! Hadn't quite got the hang of the 'appropriate' procedure. I stand duly corrected! Thanks to all who replied to the question as well as yourself.

  lotvic 21:23 15 Feb 2007

glad you got the info you wanted and welcome.

Many thanks to Jackcoms for taking the time to make it clear what the question was.

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