Outlook Express time out

  Publisher 14:08 04 Aug 2004

I am trying to help a friend with a problem. He has 98SE and uses Outlook Express.

He has been on holiday and probably has loads of emails, unfortunately, Outlook closes down before any of the emails have been downloaded.

He gets the bar moving across the progress icon, then it seems to time itself out.

is there anything I can do to help him get his emails?


  Lionheart ? 14:15 04 Aug 2004

Has his ISP got a webmail service, should be able to Check them there.

  Publisher 14:20 04 Aug 2004

He uses same one as me (force9.co.uk) and I don't have a problem.


  Lionheart ? 14:25 04 Aug 2004

Might be worth checking the webmail, there maybe a large file there, thats why it is taking so long to download and timing out.

  Publisher 14:31 04 Aug 2004

I assume by webmail you mean access it at the ISP website.

Will try that, good idea!


  anchor 14:31 04 Aug 2004

Try this: open Outlook Express, click on tools, then accounts, (ensure force9 is highlighted), then click on properties. Click on the advanced tab, and ensure that the server time out it set to maximum, (5 mins). Click on apply, & OK. Close Outlook Express. Then try again.

Hopefully, this should solve the problem.

  Publisher 22:58 05 Aug 2004

Thanks for all the help.

Lionhearts suggestion did the trick. There was a huge file blocking the system, by accessing it as webmail we were able to get all 47 emails downloaded OK.

Many Thanks


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