outlook express taking over

  ktruffles 15:30 16 Mar 2007

I use btYahoo for email. Recently I clicked on outlook express to have a look at it as a colleauge said it was betterfor email.
Now I have 3 problems.

Firstly-it welcomed me as my exboyfriend-who didn't use outlook express but did have a btyahoo account on my computer.Why?how do i stop this

Secondly, when i try to intant message some of my friends on msn instant messenger/windows live or whatever its called now-a box opens for me to email them from outlook under my exes name-there is no longer the option to instant message. Why, how do i stop this

Thirdly, when i close outlook deciding to stay with btyahoo-my inbox had emptied. I went back to outlook and all my messages were in there!How do i get them back to btyahoo?

Help, whats going on!I'd really appreciate any help on this

  Jackcoms 15:36 16 Mar 2007

Firstly - is your ex-boyfriend still set up on the PC as a user/owner?

Secondly - is Outlook set up as the default e-mail client?

Thirdly - as above - is Outlook now the default e-mail client? I cannot help with your BT Yahoo question, as I don't know what it is. Is it some sort of webmail?

  Jackcoms 15:38 16 Mar 2007

I've noticed that you started talking about Outlook Express and then referred to Outlook.

Which do you actually mean??

  ktruffles 15:46 16 Mar 2007

Thanks for helping

Its outlook express 6 that i opened. How do i find if it is my default email or not?
Bt provide my braodband and they give a btinternet.com email address-they are joined to yahoo-the search engine and free email provider so when i log into my email, its btyahoo.

  Jackcoms 15:50 16 Mar 2007

"How do i find if it is my default email or not?"

In OE go to Tools; Options; General. At the bottom, does it say "This application is the default mail handler"?

"the search engine and free email provider so when i log into my email, its btyahoo".

So, it's a webmail service??

  ktruffles 16:01 16 Mar 2007


It does say this application is the default mail handler.
Yes btyahoo is a webmail service


  Jackcoms 16:06 16 Mar 2007

"It does say this application is the default mail handler".

So, whose e-mail is it downloading? In OE go to Tools; Accounts; Mail and see if there are any e-mail accounts set up.

If there are, highlight one and then click on 'Properties' at the right-hand side.

  ktruffles 16:12 16 Mar 2007


I found an account in my exes name and one in mine-i have just deleted his.

  Jackcoms 16:16 16 Mar 2007

Problem solved??

  ktruffles 16:18 16 Mar 2007

Thank you very much for all your help, I really appreciate it

katie x

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