Outlook Express SpellCheck

  djsew 21:43 28 Jan 2004

Recently, I believe I read somewhere that if you are running WinXP, you only get a spell checker function in Outlook Express if you have Office XP installed.
Can anybody confirm this?
Secondly, what is the situation on Win98SE/Office2000 and the OE Spellcheck function.
Reason for my questions? Silver surfing neighbour has asked if he should migrate from Office2k to the XP version. Should he do this?

  slightlymad 21:46 28 Jan 2004

Office 2K is fine to enable the spellchecker in XP - doesn't need to be Office XP.

  AubreyS 21:47 28 Jan 2004

No not at all. hit F7 after you've typed your email and it will spell check for you. Or go to Tools > Spelling.

  Valvegrid 21:50 28 Jan 2004

Yes, normally you need some sort of office package to run spellcheck in OE, but this little program gets around the problem:

click here

  Djohn 22:03 28 Jan 2004

Express uses the "Spell check" from any of the office programs, or from M/S Word if you have only that installed. The spell checker icon is there on the express toolbar, but in the normal e-mail window the toolbar is not long enough to see it.

Enlarge the email window by clicking on maximise or just drag the left outline a little and the Icon will show. If you don't have "Word" on the PC, then download this and it will also put a spell checker Icon on the explorer toolbar. click here Once downloaded, choose options and change the default language from US English to GB English. j.

  djsew 22:08 28 Jan 2004

You guys are magic. I'm obliged.

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