Outlook Express Slow

  carper 09:28 04 Jun 2005

After booting up I have difficulty in getting the dial up page to Outlook Express. I'm talking about minutes here. I can get the dial up page on Firefox no trouble and sometimes I have to obtain a connection this way before I can get onto Outlook for my e-mails. Any suggestions anyone.
Thanke in advance. Regards Carper.

  wee eddie 09:39 04 Jun 2005

System detail and the Anti Virus and Anti Spy-ware programs you have running

  carper 13:39 04 Jun 2005

Wee Edie. I am running XP home SP2 with AVG,Adaware,Spybot ,Spyware Blaster.
I have recently removed Avast which I was running at the same time but that was not the start of the problem. Thanks for your reply. Carper

  wee eddie 13:45 04 Jun 2005


Do you not mean Internet Explorer?

  carper 13:54 04 Jun 2005

My ISP is Tesco. There is no problem with Outlook Express so it looks as though it is within my machine. I had a pop up balloon that AVG was not fully fuctional although it says it is in the main AVG panel.

  wee eddie 13:59 04 Jun 2005

I assume that Tesco boots IE for the Tesco Home Page.

You appear to have a Dial-up connection. Is that right?

  carper 14:24 04 Jun 2005

Outlook Express is my E-Mail default page but I Use Firefox in place of Internet Explorer for web browsing. I easily get a connection with Firefox which is why I think that the fault is in may machine

  wee eddie 14:36 04 Jun 2005

It took 9 seconds from clicking Start then the shortcut.

It may be Firefox that does not like OE.

  carper 14:47 04 Jun 2005

Thanks for your efforts. I have just gone back on line now that my machine is thoroughly warm, and it seems to be quick enough now. Looks like I'll just have to live with it. Regards Carper

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