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  wotbus@ 16:41 13 Jan 2007

I have just spent some hours bring my friends PC back up to a reasonable performance. Defrag and AV scans took forever! I discovered the folders of OE contained hundreds of emails, probably totalling well over a thousand. When I queried the amount as asked why so many, the reply was "I like to keep them as I refer back to them". OK, that's their perogative. The question:
What is the easiest way to get them out of the way for scanning reasons but have them handy for the reason they are retained.
As it's a small business I have got my friend backing up regularly to an external HDD, but their knowledge is limited so it will have to be simple. I know nothing about OE as I haven't used it for many years. As always, thanks.
PS I have tried to move them away from OE to Thunderbird or even Outlook but - they like OE ;-)

  Stuartli 16:48 13 Jan 2007

Without wishing to sound patronising, your main question's solution (along with many others) is readily available in the Outlook Express Help section under Backing Up Mail Folders.

It's the same with virtually all MS programs, applications etc - they feature a comprehensive and well written Help section.

  wotbus@ 16:55 13 Jan 2007

OK Stuartli, thanks. The distance between me and OE is several kilometers and unlikely to be covered until the next time they have problems ;-)
I could install it on my PC and do my own research I suppose but have no desire to do so. Just thought an OE user could give a quick positive reply. I am reluctant to direct them to the Help section due to their limited knowledge and the fact they could well "lose" some valuable info. So it will have to wait until their next crisis ;-)

  Stuartli 17:01 13 Jan 2007

This is the Help section's advice:

To compact and back up e-mail folders

Select an e-mail folder.

On the File menu, point to Folder, and then click Compact.

To back up the folder, find the folder file and then copy it to a backup folder, floppy disk, or network drive. Outlook Express e-mail folders have a .dbx extension (for example, "Sent Items.dbx").


Some message files might be too large to back up onto a floppy disk.

  wotbus@ 19:04 13 Jan 2007

I have googled a lot but I still don't have the answer want so maybe there isn't one. I was aware of backing up (exporting/importing), so maybe my post was misunderstood, so I will re-word it:
Is there some way to move emails from Outlook Express to another location (hdd, cdrom or external hdd, another partition maybe) and be able to read them in that location without having to import them back into OE again. Given the quantity of emails in question and the expertise available, exporting and importing is not really a viable option.
Whatever location they are in needs to accessible for the occasional read and somewhere where they can be excluded from AV scans and defrags.

  VoG II 19:20 13 Jan 2007

Why not use File > Folder > New and create some new folders (maybe customer names) then drag and drop messages from the Inbox to those?

  wotbus@ 20:20 13 Jan 2007

Hi VoG™. I see what you mean but pretty labour intensive - just one of the boxes has over 700 in! I think next time I call I will have to sit in front of it and try to come up with something. Cheers.

  terryf 20:39 13 Jan 2007

Suggest to your friend to click here, I have used this program for years and also its predecessor EA7

  terryf 20:44 13 Jan 2007

Another suggestion is to set up multiple inboxes and message rules, these work a treat for me, I have just counted over 40 inboxes [I have more than one friend :-)] but it means that I can go to the relevant inbox quickly if I need to refer to an email from a specific person or company

  wotbus@ 11:31 14 Jan 2007

Thank you all, for your suggestions and links which I will follow later. I had a thought in bed this morning; what about this:-
I install a screensaver application, open each email full screen and snap it - delete the email. Save all the images to a CD-ROM where they can be browsed at leasure and where they are out of the way. I welcome comments on my sleepy remedy ;-)
The problem is the emails are not referred to often,they take up loads of space and are scanned each time an AV or Defrag is run. Whatever choice is made I suspect I will have to do it for them but that's no problem.

  sheila.weston 15:40 09 Apr 2007

I have just found this thread and am wondering if you solved this problem eventually? I,too, like to keep all my old emails and have them organised into folders, mainly in years with subfolders for IN and OUT. I would love to put them onto my external hard drive and be able to *easily* look at them occasionally.



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