Outlook Express problem

  Graham. 19:58 05 Sep 2007

When my friend presses the Send/Rcv button, the dialogue box stays on screen after the operation successfully completes. I can't see any setting to change this behavior. Any help appreciated.

  Clapton is God 20:05 05 Sep 2007

At the bottom right of the send/receive dialogue box is a push pin symbol.

Click on it and ensure that it does actually look like a push pin as opposed to a pin head.

  Graham. 20:13 05 Sep 2007

Thanks, that's the answer, I can reproduce the problem and cure it.

  Clapton is God 20:16 05 Sep 2007

Green tick??

  Graham. 22:49 05 Sep 2007

Can't see a green tick in the dialogue box.

  Devil Fish 23:02 05 Sep 2007

green tick at bottom of thread tick as resolved

  Graham. 23:09 05 Sep 2007

Can't see a green tick at the bottom of thread either. I will restart my computer, System Restore to Yesterday before the trouble started.

  johnnyrocker 23:12 05 Sep 2007

at the botttom of your post is the facility to tick as resolved, that is what is meant by green tick


  Graham. 23:16 05 Sep 2007

But it isn't green. Maybe my graphics card is faulty. I will reinstall XP.

  Devil Fish 00:06 06 Sep 2007

at the bottom of this thread you will see some text

the text says tick if resolved next to the text there is a box click on it underneath there is a button the text say ok or something along those lines click on that

that will close the thread

  johnnyrocker 00:17 06 Sep 2007

you are going way off beam the points being made are elevant to this site and not your pc or are you having a wind up?


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