Outlook Express Problem

  standby 19:02 07 Jul 2007

Can anyone advise how I may repair/reinstall Outlook Express.

I uninstalled Spamfighter after a short trial only and nowe find Outlook Express to be totally changed from the original set up. Inbox and all the normal easy to operate listings are missing.

Any advice appreciated

  postie24 19:04 07 Jul 2007
  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:05 07 Jul 2007

Open OE and in the top bar go to views/layout and tick the ones you need to customise it.


  mfletch 19:14 07 Jul 2007

Hi standby, Have a look here if none of the above work,

It means altering the registry,

click here

Hope this helps you,


  standby 20:18 07 Jul 2007

Postie 24

Many thanks get along fine until Reregister Libraries when on entering from "RUN" as required :-
regsvr32 urimon.dll.....I am informed thus....
LoadLibrary("urimon.dll") Failed Specified Module could not be found.
Any further ideas please ?


Lack ability to tackle registry to far into my eighties I'm afraid to "Have a Go". but thanks.

  postie24 21:01 07 Jul 2007

The command should be

regsvr32 urlmon.dll

not urimon.dll - that is why you saw the error message

  standby 06:56 08 Jul 2007

Thanks postie24,

You were correct, went through repair kit no problem until file for history req'd when the file I offered was rejected so I was back where I started could send emails but not receive.

Subsequent attempt when this time I entered password resulted in refusal to accept my password. Will try again from square one.

  p;3 07:57 08 Jul 2007

when you HAVE gotten sorted you may find this tool
click here more 'user-friendly'for spam catching and blocking ::))
also; what you could try if you are on XP is to do a system restore to a date BEFORE you had the trial on there?

  standby 11:44 08 Jul 2007


Thanks for another helper but tried System Restore first of all with no luck I'm afraid though I tried knocking off Norton as always advised. Also in safe mode...just not my day.

Thanks again.

Had exaxt same problem nothing solved the outlook express problem so I installed Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client works 100% 10 times better. Hope it helps

  mfletch 12:22 08 Jul 2007

Hi Have you tried the Last known good configuration/ in safe mode this can repair the registry and drivers,

click here


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