outlook express problem

  johnnyrocker 09:39 25 Feb 2006

got a mail from a relative in canada asking me about the following issue with OE she has xp pro sp2, the problem is that when she clicks on reply to a message the reply gets sent before she can do anything, have suggested delete/recreate and am waiting on an answer re that, in the meantime i thought i might get some ideas from the well informed here.


  Eastender 10:23 25 Feb 2006

This will happen when you double click, so possibly the mouse settings are to give the effect of double click on a single left click.

The mouse settings in Control Panel can be set back to Default.

  johnnyrocker 10:39 25 Feb 2006

thanks for that Eastender i have sent it on but as it is canada i dont expect a reply just yet;)


  johnnyrocker 23:38 25 Feb 2006

reply is that they are unable in mouse properties to verify whether one click or tw to open, it is set to default, i cant find an option in my mouse settings to do this either.


  johnnyrocker 09:37 26 Feb 2006

any weekenders?


  johnnyrocker 10:48 26 Feb 2006

no takers at all?


  Batch 14:41 26 Feb 2006

If it is the double click / single click issue, try opening up Windows Explorer and on the TOOLS menu, click on Folder Options. Then on the General Tab, at the bottom, should be able to see the settings for single / double click and change if necessary.

  johnnyrocker 14:44 26 Feb 2006

cheers for that i was beginning to give up hope, the problem is as first described and general concensus seemed to be that might be the prob , (unless you can come up with something else!!)


  Methedrine 19:46 26 Feb 2006

Buy a new mouse?

  johnnyrocker 19:51 26 Feb 2006

might that be the cause? i am too far away to do troubleshooting;)


  Methedrine 20:45 26 Feb 2006

Worth a try for the price of a cheap one.

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