Outlook Express Problem

  Phoenix40 15:07 14 Aug 2005

Hello i have two problems i would like to mention.The first one ive already sorted out but i had to use extreme methods to do it but if it happens again i would like to know if i could have done something else.The problem happened a few days ago with my Outlook Express 6.In the morning i had no trouble but when i tried to log in the afternoon i kept having a strange message keep coming up that stop me from logging in.It first said.

MSMN caused an invalid page fault in module MSOE.DLL at 0167:008324FD.

When i press clear it then came up with.

Outlook Express is going to migrate your store from the Beta2 Format.This will remove the messages ODS File.

I was unable to clear these messages and i was unable to get in touch with you because i forgot my password at the time.And i couldnt ask for it as i couldnt get into my emails.Im just curious to know what might have caused this.I did have a problem with a game i tried to install which didnt install properly that caused my computer to blackout a few days previously.And i did a antivirus scan but nothing showed up.I did uninstall and then reinstall the Outlook Express and that didnt clear.Im just interested if i can deal with this sort of thing next time.

The other slight problem i have is with my internet webpages.After i reset my whole computer and reinstall my Graphics card and drivers.I seem to have a problem on some of my web pages.For instance my NTLWorld hompage shows up on my screen as uneven and with an error message at the bottom of the page.All the images are all over the page.There was some sort of message warning me about this but in the haste of setting up my computer i cleared it.I dont have this problem with most of my web pages but on some of them where the buttons you press should be there theyve blank out.What is the problem and can i correct it.I have again uninstalled and reinstalled my graphics drivers but still not cleared it.My Graphics card is an 64mb Nvidia Geforce 420.My Windows is 98SE and im using Outlook Express 5 at the moment.I hope you understand this sorry if it is rather long look forward to any replies especially about my webpages thanks.

  Technotiger 15:22 14 Aug 2005

Hi, though I am Not an expert, I would advise/suggest two things that might be a solution to both your problems. First, I would advise that instead of OE you should use Incredimail (free from click here) - once installed you can Import all your saved emails from OE to Incredimail, very easily.
Second, I would advise that you re-install your Internet Explorer (Version 6), this may (or may not) fix your other problem ref you web-pages.

Good Luck


  Phoenix40 16:11 14 Aug 2005

Hello thank you for your help ive installed Outlook Express 6 and it seems to have corrected the web page problem.And ive installed Incredimail as well see how i get on with that.Can anyone give me any ideas what are the best form of free antivirus and firewall packages to install and do you need adwares if youve already have an antivirus package.Look forward to any replies thank you.

  Technotiger 16:12 14 Aug 2005

Hi again - great to see that your problem is resolved. It would help other members present and future if you could please give a short mention - How resolved?


  Technotiger 16:18 14 Aug 2005

Hi, seems our Posts crossed. I would advise AVG free from click here and Ad-Aware free from click here also click here for a very good free Firewall prog, very easy to use.

These are what I use.


  Phoenix40 23:07 14 Aug 2005

Hi there thanks for your help.Ive d/loaded the packages.Is there any difference between an antivirus system and the adware they seem to be a like to me i hope you dont mind explaining later thanks.

  Phoenix40 23:14 14 Aug 2005

Hi there looks like ive got a problem setting up that Kerio firewall system the only one there i can see for free you need to have Wins 2000 and XP.And i have Wins 98SE do you know of any others thanks.

  Technotiger 21:40 15 Aug 2005

Hi, Antivirus and Ad-Aware are different - both are needed. Firewall? then I would suggest Zone Alarm (free) - click here


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