Outlook Express Problem

  Bun 12:29 24 Jun 2004

I need to find a way to copy my address book from Outlook Express to Lotus Notes which is on another computer. I'm not sure whether they are even compatable.Grateful for any suggestions.

  johnnyrocker 12:34 24 Jun 2004

could you use file/export and transfer via floppy?


  scooby43 13:28 24 Jun 2004

do you have a network?

  Bun 13:43 24 Jun 2004

Hi Johnny
Yeh I will definitely try still a bit doubtful about compatability. But will give it a spin.

  Bun 13:44 24 Jun 2004

Hi Scoob
No don't have a network.
Thanks anyway.

  Stuartli 16:43 24 Jun 2004

According to the Nokia website, the two are compatible, so presumably it should apply to computer as well as phone based systems..:-)

  Bun 04:40 25 Jun 2004

Hi Stu
Thanks for that have copied it to a floppy so now I will try loading it into lotus.

  scooby43 11:54 25 Jun 2004

what operating systems do u have on hm or could use a cdrw if u have bigger things to transfer accross :P

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