Outlook Express problem

  yahwob 09:53 26 May 2004


I've got a problem with outlook express on my home PC. I don't tend to use the email much at home, mainly because it's full of spam. I download all my messages about once a week and usually delete the whole lot ten seconds later!

I've now got a problem though where there's 1700 emails waiting to be downloaded since 12th May. Outlook express starts to download them and gets to message 500 when a virus notification pops up from Norton. I let Norton delete the offending email and after a minute or two outlook carries on downloading messages until it get's to about message 700 when the server "unexpectedly cancels the connection".

No problem I think to myself I'll delete the one's I've already downloaded and start again to download the ones still outstanding. However when I start to download messages again it starts from 12th May again and does exactly the same, ie gets to message 500, upcomes the virus warning, then restarts, gets to message 700 and get's terminated.

I've done this numerous times now and am getting nowhere. Every time I start up outlook express I download the same messages time and time again and get no further forward.

Is there a way I can just delete those 1700 messages in one go straight from the pop NTL server without actually trying to download them? Or any other advice?


  Jakey boy 10:01 26 May 2004

.....be able to go directly to your ISP, and access your e-mail account, and delte the messages from there. With BT Yahoo, there is a superb spam filter, which intercepts those emails, and all that is downloaded to Outlook Express, are the emails that actually go to your inbox. The rest go to a bulk folder, which you can access/read etc, if you want. I don't know if you have a similar setup with NTL, but you should still be able to access and manage your email account from the ISP. Hope this helps?

  TBH1 10:34 26 May 2004

yep, you can user webmail from the ntl home site and delete from there. Another way is to download as your doing but after maybe 200 or so (will within the number where you experience the problem), exit out of OE - -it will gice you the option to finish downloading your current email - - select 'yes' for this. When it has exited, just start it again. There is a 'funny' with ntl - -it seems that if the connection isn't terminated 'neatly, it does not delete the already downloaded emails from the server thus coming down again. I have just ended my ntl account, and was getting maybe 170 emails a day there, all junk !!!

Anyway, see what method suits you - - if all you get in that account is junk, you could just leave it there and let your mailbox fill up - - or if a secondery account (not your main registered one), you could simply delete it.

  wildrover 10:56 26 May 2004

Have a look in tools, accounts, properties, advanced to see if you have 'leave a copy of message on server' ticked. Untick if so. And have a look here also click here

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