Outlook Express and Paste

  Islandgirl 13:40 03 Jun 2004

I use Outlook Express 6 and cannot seem to paste pictures from the clipboard into this. Have been to all the help pages, and this seems to be a feature that is missing. All Windows programs allow you to paste from the clipboard but I cannot do it in Outlook Express - am I doing something wrong. Joan

  cycoze 13:45 03 Jun 2004

Try clicking on `insert` on the toolbar, there is an option here to insert a picture.

  Peverelli 13:50 03 Jun 2004

It's no help but I am able to do this with OE6. I can't find an option to turn this feature on or off. Maybe you need to repair Internet Explorer (which will also repair OE6)

Control Panel > Add remove programs > Internet Explorer, then choose the repair option.

  Islandgirl 13:52 03 Jun 2004

Thanks Cycoze, I can do this but only from file, I want to paste from clipboard and it wont let me do this. I can save from clipboard to file and then paste it, but I want to paste direct from clipboard and not save the picture. Joan

  Valvegrid 15:11 03 Jun 2004

I've just been experimenting because you can cut and paste in Outlook using the clipboard, but OE6 is a bit different, you can't seemed to cut and paste from an external program into OE6 using the clipboard.

As cycoze has pointed out you can paste a picture using the insert function, click on Insert you'll see picture, the third from the top, if you click on it and find the picture you want to appear on the email it does the same as cut and paste. Don't forget to check the email format is Rich Text (HTML) and not Plain Text otherwise it won't work.

  Islandgirl 18:19 03 Jun 2004

Hi Valvegrid, I know that I can insert a picture from file, but just thought it would be a lot quicker, say using Snagit, or similar to paste into OE6 from the clipboard. I have tried going to Control Panel, Add and Remove Internet Exp and repair but I dont have this option on my Computer, infact Internet Exp. isnt even listed in the programes on the Add/Remove list. I am using XP Pro, wonder if this makes a differnece. I will just have to continue to insert from file, putting my picture in a file before I can do this. Just thought there would be a way to paste from Clipboard, as all other Windows programs seem to do this. Joan

  Valvegrid 21:30 03 Jun 2004

I don't think repairing IE6/OE6 will make your cut and paste facility appear, but not appearing in add/remove is a separate issue.

IE6 needs to be reloaded, either from the Microsoft site, or the setup files may be on your computer already. Look for a folder called 'Windows Update Setup Files', in there you should see a load of cab files, scroll down them and you should see ie6setup.exe, if it's there you're laughing because you should be able to reload IE6/OE6 by running the exe file. Alternatively, it may be on your XP disk, one of the experts will be able to tell you, because I'm not sure 'cos I run Windows 98SE.


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