outlook express passwords

  swapper 10:46 18 Jan 2006

My son a new identity in Outlook express.
He ignored the option for password.
However, when he tried to use the new identity, he was prompted for a password?
No matter what he does, he cannot find the answer to this.
Any ideas please.

  MidgetMan 12:06 18 Jan 2006

Is it the password that all the other accounts use to access your isp?

  swapper 12:17 18 Jan 2006

<Is it the password that all the other accounts use to access your isp?

Yes, I am pretty sure that is it, he usese a couple of address and is a bit confused now (like me). :-)

  johnnyrocker 12:45 18 Jan 2006

delete the created identity and set up new one with a password.


  MidgetMan 12:51 18 Jan 2006

That was my next suggestion,!

  swapper 14:49 18 Jan 2006


thanks for your advice, but how can he remove it if the password (which he did not create)i is required before he can edit ?

  MidgetMan 17:34 18 Jan 2006

Has he tried it without a password? i.e just pressing enter/return when prompted for it?

  swapper 15:41 25 Jan 2006

MidgetMan, just pressing enter does not work either, and he cannot remove the address......
I suggested that he uninstall/reinstall, but he has other addresses also.
Is there anyway that he can export these and then import after reinstalling Outlook?

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