Outlook Express Out-Box - Where???

  Jester2K II 20:17 13 Aug 2003

Win XP Home

Outlook Express 6

Tried to send a 2.13 Mb file TO a Hotmail Account FROM a Hotmail Account using OE 6 on my PC.

Of course Hotmail has a 2 Mb limit so it sends the file and then fails. However every time i start Outlook Express again it starts resending the message and attachment. In fact other messages are queued behind it.

Can anyone tell me how to clear the queued messages as i can't see and Out-Box anyway (OE or Hotmail website!!!)

  Jester2K II 20:19 13 Aug 2003

i can't see a Out-Box anywhere!

  Mino 20:22 13 Aug 2003

In OE, select Tools | Options and then the Send tab. Uncheck the 'Send messages immediately' box.
This should allow you to delete the offending message at startup. Once done, re-tick the box to have your previous configuration back.

  leo49 20:24 13 Aug 2003

click here

Help maybe?


  Jester2K II 20:25 13 Aug 2003

Thanks. I can manually stop the sending.

However where do i delete the messages from?

There is no Outbox to delete them from!!!

  mistagf 20:25 13 Aug 2003

OE should open by default at your "Inbox".

Top left - clik "Inbox" and a dropdowwn list appears showing:

Inbox,Outbox,Drafts etc.

If Outbox is not showing goto View/Layout and check the boxes you require to be shown.

  Jester2K II 20:31 13 Aug 2003

You star.

Slight change to what you said....

There is a folder called Outlook Express, then two below. One called Local Folders and one called Hotmail.

I was only looking in the Hotmail folder and not the Local Folders.

The outbox is there - of course it is the Sent Items are still Local!!

Deleted the messages and now the only one that needs to go has gone...

Thank you so very much mistagf. :-)

  Jester2K II 20:32 13 Aug 2003

The outbox is there in the Local Folders - of course it is the OutBox Items are still Local!!

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