Outlook Express not working when offline

  toadoftoadhall 22:53 05 Jul 2004

I have OE 6 installed and run Win98.
About two weeks ago I stopped getting e-mails except when I happen to have OE open and am on-line.
I have NTL broadband and have called their tech support three times now. Each time we have run through the set-up routine to make sure POP anms SMTP addresses are correct. That hasnt fixed it and tech support cant offer me any more help.
I have since installed Incredimail in an attemot to get things going, and have also tried out SpamJab to see if removing the spam at the server might help.
Nothing seems to work.
Anyone got any ideas?

  VoG II 22:58 05 Jul 2004

How do you expect to receive e-mails if you are not on line?

  THE TERMINATOR 23:06 05 Jul 2004

Yes, you see what happens is this. YOU CONNECT ONLINE and your e-mails are retrieved from your Internet Service Provider, but if you GO OFFLINE then there is NO CONNECTION with which to retrieve them....TT

  Djohn 23:10 05 Jul 2004

As VoG™ says, you need to be on-line to receive emails. This can be done from your browser by manually clicking on the mail Icon and then click on "Read Mail" or you can have express open and minimised to the taskbar and set it to check automatically for any mail every X minutes. The Icon will flash and you will hear a system sound if one is selected.

Hope this answers your question or have we misunderstood your problem. j.

  toadoftoadhall 23:11 05 Jul 2004

...when I go on-line on my home PC after it's been switched off all day and open OE, i expect to get all my e-mails that have stacked up on the server.
However, for the last couple of weeks, I've had no e-mails waiting for me. I've checked this by sending myself e-mails from work on numerous occasions. None have arrived.
However, if i'm using my home PC online and I send myself an e-mail, it arrives, as does spam and any other e-mail sent while I've got OE running.
It's like the server is not storing any of my e-mails but is simply firing them onto my e-mail addrerss as they come in. And if i'm not logged on to receive them, they are lost.
Like I said, tech support were no help and claimed it was nothing to do with their kit. So i can only imagine it must be settings my end. And thats where I'm stumped...

  Djohn 23:12 05 Jul 2004

Missed your post through not refreshing. :o(

  Djohn 23:14 05 Jul 2004

Is this something to do with keeping a copy on the server?

  toadoftoadhall 23:45 05 Jul 2004

should I be asking the ISP to keep a copy on their server? I'll try and alter those settings and see if it makes a difference...

  Djohn 23:58 05 Jul 2004

Try Express/tools/accounts/properties/advanced tab. There should be a box that you can tick to leave a copy on the server and you can set for how long its kept. j.

  toadoftoadhall 00:01 06 Jul 2004

I've amended those settings to leave all messages on the server until deleted from the deleted items box.
Has it been succesful? I guess only time will tell.
Thanks for all help.
I'll let you know...

  toadoftoadhall 23:44 06 Jul 2004

I changed the settings to leave the messages on the server until deleted and sent myself numerous e-mails from work today. And not one arrived.
Thanks anyway Djohn.
Anyone got any other ideas...

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