Outlook Express not updating

  DIYgirl 11:27 14 May 2008

I've just had to put in a new hard drive, and am now reinstalling all my software (I'm running Win XP Pro).

I've downloaded all the updates that Microsoft deems critical, including IE7 (this despite my slow dial-up connection); but OE appears to be still not updated. It tells me it's version 6.00.2900.5512.

I thought that OE updated alongside IE. Have I got this wrong?

I don't know which version of OE I was running prior to the new hard drive, but it looked a lot more modern than this: the colour palette was blues and greys, the fonts in the folder bars were more rounded... on this version, the folder bar which runs up the LHS of the screen is a sort of dull coffee colour. It's horrid, and I want my nice blue OE back.

I've checked on the microsoft update site but it tells me I'm all up to date. I know I can download new updates independently of the Automatic Update feature, I just don't know where to go or what to look for!

Any ideas?

  bjh 13:30 14 May 2008

Simple answer...

There isn't an Outlook Express 7, and what you have is the most recent release

  DIYgirl 16:53 14 May 2008

Thanks for that, both.

bjh, I don't think I do have the most recent release: a while ago, before I lost my hard drive, OE looked like this one does now, and then was transformed into the blue and grey scheme that I am looking for, when I ran a particular update. I just can't remember which one it was. It's not just the colour scheme that's changed, it's the whole look of it: the fonts, the layouts, everything. If it were just the colour scheme, I could change that easily enough.

Marg7, do you have the same version number that I do? If so, then there must be a smaller update that I need to download that will change the appearance of it all.

  Graham. 17:22 14 May 2008

Hi DIYgirl,
My OE looks like this click here

  DIYgirl 18:47 14 May 2008

Hello, Graham!

I don't know how you did that.

Could you post a photo showing what it looks like when you've clicked on your inbox (or any other folder if you don't wnat to display all your emails), and with the "outlook bar" displayed? (Click View, then select "outlook bar" and click Apply is how I got it to show).

That's the bit that's the wrong colour, and making me hanker for the mystery update.

  DIYgirl 19:32 14 May 2008

Ah. That's the one that I have now, that I don't like and want to change. Nasty dirty grey colours.

I know that before this hard drive fiasco I had a version that appeared after an update. I want it back!

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