Outlook Express not receiving mail from one email adress?

  Graphicool1 19:19 30 Jul 2011

This is an odd one, it has me stumped. A friend of mine, who I have been corresponding with for some years. All of a sudden is not receiving my email's. She receives emails from everyone else, that she always has. I can receive email's sent to me from everyone in my address book including her.

I told her to look in her spam blocker, she says there's never anything in it. She lives some miles away, so I am not able to go take a look. In all the years we have been sending and receiving mail neither of us has changed our email addresses. However, I have a free email account with Yahoo. So I sent her an email from there and she received it. Any ideas?

  Secret-Squirrel 20:18 30 Jul 2011

Your friend may have inadvertently added you to OE's "Blocked Senders List". When that happens your messages will go straight to the Deleted Items folder and she may not notice them. Ask her to check by clicking the Tools menu -> Message Rules -> Blocked Senders List. If your address does appear there then she needs to highlight it and click "Remove".

If that doesn't help then let me know who her e-mail provider is.

  Ian in Northampton 10:27 31 Jul 2011

Graphicool: check with your ISP. If yours is anything like mine, a huge amount of spam - 99.9% - gets filtered out before it ever gets to me. It could be that your ISP has suddenly/arbitrarily associated that email address with a known spam/malware site. It happened to me: my accountant was getting all his emails from everyone else but me - and it turned out, my emails were getting blocked by his ISP. Which is very weird, considering that I have an @plus.com email address - pretty well known/reputable.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:53 31 Jul 2011

In my experience BT is the worst offender. I'm frequently approached by BT users who aren't receiving important business e-mails or e-mails from friends and relatives. Virtually all of the time I find they're lurking in BT's webmail Spam folder. The worrying thing is that the content of the messages is clearly not spam so I'm always astonished how BT can think those messages are junk.

PS Ian: I think you'll find that the problem is with Graphicool1's friend as it's her that's not receiving the e-mails.

  Graphicool1 13:37 31 Jul 2011

Hi Secret-Squirrel

I've sent her your suggestion regarding the 'Blocked Senders List' and what to do if my email details are there. I naturally didn't send her the details using my usual address. But a Yahoo one, that I set up to use on a not so regular basis. However I checked first and she has no problem receiving mail from there.

Although, I'm not expecting a response for a few days, as she just told me that they have bought a trailer tent and are off on a break to try it out.

Still, in the mean time, being as you ask, I can tell you that her ISP is Virgin.

Hi Ian in Northampton

My ISP is Orange, although as 'Secret Squirrel' says I can't see how the problem can lay with me or my ISP.

  Simsy 08:33 01 Aug 2011

My sister had exactly the same problem a couple of years ago...

Her email account is with tiscali...

There was one sender, a friend of hers, who's emails she wasn't getting...

I can't remember exactly how I did it, but the solution was to go into her account, online, and delete/reset her SPAM list. Though the friends' email address didn't appear on the list, deleting/clearing the lis made things well again.

The only drawback was that the SPAM list had to be gradually recreated agin, which took a little while.

Hope this helps,



  Graphicool1 14:22 02 Aug 2011

Hi Simsy

Thanx for your contribution, but actually that was one of my first thoughts. Her son had a look but came up empty.


She said she also had another email client, which is 'MSN'. She asked me to contact her using that address. I did and it transpires that she can receive on that one. Being as she only has one ISP - which, as already said, is - 'Virgin' we can't now lay the blame at their door. So the answer must be with 'Outlook Express'. Although her son say's he'd already looked in there, it's looking increasingly like he may have overlooked something.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:34 02 Aug 2011

"So the answer must be with 'Outlook Express'. Although her son say's he'd already looked in there, it's looking increasingly like he may have overlooked something."

Another place in Outlook Express worth checking is: Tools menu -> Message Rules -> Mail. If that section does contain something then check each rule carefully to see what it does and whom it applies to.

I know you mentioned a "spam blocker" previously so does your friend's OE have any anti-spam add-ons? . I believe that Norton Internet Security for example integrates a spam filter into OE. If so then check the settings and any rules that have been created.

  Woolwell 17:07 02 Aug 2011

Has she looked in Virgin webmail?

  Graphicool1 15:57 04 Aug 2011


I and most of you had the answer at various stages of our contributions.

I had to go out yesterday morning and wasn't able to get to my PC till the afternoon. Unfortunately this coincided with the onset of a five hour thunderstorm. Which although I switched off as soon as I was aware that it wasn't just a rain storm, it wasn't soon enough. My PC went down when all the set up details were wiped from my Wireless Modem.

Being as it was some 4 years plus that I had originally set it up. There was a lot of trial and error before I was up and running again this morning. This time, however I made a point of taking note of what was needed. I'll be ready if there is a next time.

Still, the delay may have been a blessing in disguise, as it gave my friend some time to actually do what she'd told me that both she and her son had already done. That was to go to her ISP Virgin and check out the SPAM box. After really viewing the box contents and finding all my mail's, she says, she thinks she...

"deserves a pat on the back"

Personally I think it should be more like a kick up the backside, for wasting our time.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:36 05 Aug 2011

Thanks for the feedback.

"That was to go to her ISP Virgin and check out the SPAM box. After really viewing the box contents and finding all my mail's........"

Let's hope she also selected all your e-mails in the Spam folder and clicked the "Not Spam" button. I don't have much experience with Virgin's anti-spam implementation but that should prevent any future e-mails from yourself being flagged as junk.

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