Outlook Express message on start-up

  doktorvox 07:47 26 Jan 2009

On every start-up (XP pro SP3), a dialogue box pops up to say- " To free up disk space, Outlook Express can compact messages. This may take a few minutes", with options to select or cancel. Until I select one or the other the computer stops running up. As I don't use OE, I don't want to see this. Could anyone please suggest a way to stop the message appearing?
many thanks

  eedcam 08:27 26 Jan 2009

It runs on a counter If you are clicking cancel each time it will never go away .If you click ok it should go away for as long as you never use outlook or 100 uses

  FreeCell 17:21 26 Jan 2009

We had this on my daughters laptop only this weekend. You don't have to use OE to get the message. If you use Office 2007 for instance you may have Windows Search enabled at Startup and it is this that causes the message to appear. If you disable the windowssearch.exe process on start up you won't get the message again.

  birdface 17:37 26 Jan 2009

press select and get it over with .It will not come back then.Well thats what I done to get rid of it.

  lotvic 18:08 26 Jan 2009

This is probably because you have newsgroups and use the newsreader in Outlook.

(A newsgroup is a collection of messages posted by individuals to a news server, or a computer that can host thousands of newsgroups)

Note While it may appear that Outlook does have newsgroup support, when you launch the newsreader, it actually opens in an Outlook Express window.

So logically you will be using Outlook Express and it compacts about every 100 times OE has been opened. (It is supposed to compact, let it and don't interupt the process which is a 'cleaning up' of files. Do not work on any other stuff whilst it is compacting as it could corrupt the process and you will possibly lose emails)

It is the same for Outlook 2007 click here (office.microsoft.com)

  doktorvox 07:15 30 Jan 2009

I bit the bullet and pressed OK. It hasn't come back. Thanks buteman & eedcam. Thks lotvic, I never use newsgroups. Thks FreeCell, I decided against disabling windowssearch. Thanks for your replies.

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