outlook express and mail volumes

  end 18:26 29 Jun 2004

is there any way of finding out just how much mail messages Outlook express will "hold" before it becomes "full"; and I presume(???) that the messages held IN outlook express are then "held" in the memory of my computer as opposed to my mail server (kinky!!!!); I have a web based e mail account ( at least that is what I THINK it is), and am not yet sure what ITS "capacity" is; I have only recently ( last couple of days) had " problems" "sendign" mail from my address, presumably becasue my "sent" box on the web is gettign full, but do not know what ITS " capacity" is either........

  QuickHare 18:52 29 Jun 2004

Web-based email accounts tend to have the same capacity for all folders (Sent, Inbox, Deleted, etc). If it's a 1Mb Inbox, then the total is 1Mb.

Transferring them to computer will save space as Outlook Express (as with most programs) will store them on your hard disk (the "memory" you describe). However, they must be deleted off the internet account to take advantage of this. For example, I have a Hotmail account. If I download my messages, they will remain on my Hotmail account until I move (or copy and delete) them into my Local Folders.

Your computer can store as much as it has room for, and there's no limit other than the space on your disk. If you have 1Gb spare, then that's 1,048,576Kb, which if the average email is 3Kb long, then that's 349,525 emails.

  end 19:06 29 Jun 2004

and what are " local folders"?????

and how do I find out how much space my web based account has in ITs boxes?????
( at the moment, because of "various problems", I"ve never had my web based mail acount SO FULL as it is right now.......)/.......

  QuickHare 18:40 04 Jul 2004

Sorry for the long time before a reply.

"Local folders" are the folders stored on your hard disk and off the internet. Anything local to a computer means it is used on the computer itself, and not as something on a network. In Outlook Express, these are seen as folders written as "Local folders" then inside there is "Inbox", "Sent Items", "Deleted Items" and more. These are folder on your hard disk and can be filled up independantly from your internet account.

To find out how much space you have, you'll have to use Internet Explorer to log in to your account and hopefully they will show you how big it is and how much space you have left.

Sadly I cannot tell you more without knowing which email provider you use (such as Hotmail, Lycos, Fish, Yahoo, or whatever). But whichever it is, you must sign in by going to their website and using a "Sign in" or "Log in" box and your password.

  end 20:40 08 Jul 2004

have "reviewed" this....and from what has been said above, I am already storing my mesages IN the " local folders"...my web based thing is talkgas.net, and outlook is configured TO collect the mail if I want it to, and to leave a copy ON the server.........
am wanting to clear my web based thing to " leave room " for more messages" , but am wodnerign where i can " store" the messages...the last time I had over 200 messages IN it , the computer stated to " play up" and give problems on start-up ....hense my " concerns" as to how much room the thing should have .......

  QuickHare 14:06 12 Jul 2004

Right. By having the "Leave a copy of messages on server" box ticked in the Advanced tab of Properties of the account in question (accessible from Tools/Accounts), all messages stay on the Internet, in your Inbox.

This will use up space.

To get rid of them off the Internet to save space in your inbox, go to Tools, Accounts, Mail (tab), click your account in question, Properties (button), Advanced (tab) and then untick the "Leave a copy of messages on server".

However, if your computer goes down, you may lose your emails. The best thing to do if they are important to you is to back them up every so often. To do this, you need to find the Store Folder.

This is easily done by going to Tools, Options, Maintainence (tab), Store Folder (button). The path shown is the path to your store folder.

Once you have this, you can copy the entire folder to a new place, including a CD/DVD to back them all up. To restore the emails after a crash, just copy the contents back.

An even better way to restore them is to use the Wizard. Click File, Import, Messages, select the Outlook/Outlook Express version you use, Next (button), "Import mail from an ___ store directory", Next (button), use the Browse button to find where you saved them (including CD), and it should do the rest for you.

hope this helps.

  end 20:26 12 Jul 2004

thanks for that...will have a look AT OE; from what you have said, there is a folder somewhere that i have not yet found.....

however, i am still leaving my messages ON the server ( my choice to do so)

other hitch is that, at this point in time I do not hav a cd burner installed , but only floppy, so cannot "save" anything oN disc..but merely "read" cd"s...

  end 08:25 13 Jul 2004

have found the following ???folder after doing the search as suggested by quickhare

this is where I "found myself"

C:WINDOWS\Application Data\Identities\{B8752C00-42CB-11D7-9

??is that still within the OE programme itself or........?????

and..do have floppies I can save stuff on to ,as no cd burner here.....

  QuickHare 12:36 13 Jul 2004

On your computer, yes. I can tell by your post that you don't have multiple users, so your emails will be stored in a folder similar to yours.

These files are not part of Outlook Express itself, as these would be stored somewhere in C:\Program Files.

If they fit on floppy disks, you can copy the files within your Store Folder to them.

More information can be found at click here

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