Outlook Express Mail Message Rule Problem

  robbg 21:04 19 Apr 2004

Operating system Windows XP Professional with service pack one. Internet Explorer (6.0 spi)
My problem is making ‘Rules’ for messages. I have a Rule set on it that I cannot remove or alter in any way. I feel that I will have to go into the system registry eventually to sort it out, which is worrying me.

This starts off with the message rule box. Written in it is:-
New Mail Rule#1
Apply this rule after the message arrives.
Where the line does not contain "[email protected]"
Move it to the "Junk" Folder

I urgently need to amend or delete this rule as I have changed my internet provider. All the writing in the above box is whited out, except for the blue bits, and won’t let me do or alter or remove anything. Also in the right hand side boxes I can’t click on ‘Modify’ or ‘Remove’ as they are whited out as well.
My mail now arrives from my new provider into my Junk Folder, instead of my Inbox.
Maybe someone out there can help please

  temp003 04:04 20 Apr 2004

Can't find an easy answer, can't think why either.

You can check Group Policy, User Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Internet Explorer, and see if there is an option to configure Outlook Express (I don't have it on my w2k Group Policy). If there is, see whether there is a policy which can limit changing Message Rules, and whether that has been enabled. If a policy has been enabled, change it to Not Configured.

If not sure, don't change anything in Group Policy.

Try to think whether you have used any third party software which may impose restrictions on security.

The last resort is try the registry. Close OE and run regedit.

HKEY Current User > Identities > {ID string} > Software > Microsoft > Outlook Express > 5.0 > Mail

Highlight Mail on the left and back up the entire key first.

Then under Mail, there should be a subkey called 000 (assuming that this New Mail Rule #1 was the first you created, if not it should be another number such as 003 - meaning the 4th rule).

Double check this is the rule you want by expanding 000, then under Criteria you'll see another entry 000. Highlight this 000 and look to the right. There's an entry called Value. It's in Binary, but double click it, and to the right of the numbers you should see your old email address. If so, this 000 is the message rule you want.

Then highlight the first 000 key immediately under Mail. Right click and delete. Confirm. Exit regedit and open OE. If necessary, restart.

  scotty 09:17 20 Apr 2004

click here is intended for backing up of rules etc but should work for deleting rules (TAKE NORMAL PRECAUTIONS FIRST before messing with registry).

  robbg 16:50 21 Apr 2004

Sorry about the replies to you both.
I have just found your mail. No e-mail arrived in my "junk" folder to tell me you had written.
Thank you for your replies I will get cracking on them right away

  robbg 16:02 30 Apr 2004

Thank you very much for all your help all of you, its much appreciated.
In the end, I re-named the junk folder to 'Inbox1' and the mail went in there. So I put Inbox1 in the bin and the mail went straight in the bin. So I made another Inbox1 and put it from my own Inbox. Then delated the inbox1 from the bin. so now all the mail comes into the Inbox and Inbox1. I can now live with that The program that would'nt let me ajust anything (message rules)actually changed the message itself to Inbox1
Thanks again all

  Nosmas 17:43 30 Apr 2004

You seem to have solved your problem in what seems a slightly complicated way, but what about future needs to create new, modify or delete existing messages rules? Hope the following may be of help.

Although you are on XP and I am W98, I wouldn't think that the IE6 with either OS would differ very much. I upgraded IE5 to IE6 SP1 some months ago and the 'About' window shows it to be version 6.00.2800.1106

To deal with message rules I click on Tools > Message Rules and select Mail from the menu. This displays a window with all the message rules listed under the Mail Rules tab. Selecting one of the rules and clicking the 'modify' button then displays that rule in an Edit window, where the various Conditions and Actions can be amended and reflected in the No.3 panel 'Rule Description'.

It is also possible to delete any rule by selecting it and clicking the 'Remove' button.

  johnnyrocker 17:50 30 Apr 2004

i would have deleted/recreated the account and set up new message rules.


  robbg 21:00 30 Apr 2004

thanks all I will have a look. am baby sitting all the weekend

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