Outlook Express - mail deluge

  Simon258 15:13 08 Mar 2004

For the last two days, my outlook express server is getting fuller and fuller of messages that take forever to download, then mean nothing. They all seem to be messages that a message I sent to an address I've never heard of has failed to deliver.

I'm using WHSmithnet as my pop mail server. Have I been hit with some sort of virus that my AGV virus checker didn't catch? Or is it a pop mail server problem?

  Jester2K 15:17 08 Mar 2004

Someone else who knows your address has a virus and is sending out loads of copies of the virus in your name (ie with your address as the return address) You then get the "oh so helpful" return messages!

Delete them from your mail box before downloading using a program like ePrompter click here.

  PhiltheFragger 15:22 08 Mar 2004

Or Mailwasher

  igk 15:33 08 Mar 2004

Simon, I don't think you should worry unduly over this,you could get "spybot search and destroy"(free)and do a scan,It could be taht someone has "spoofed" your e-mail address,although its probably the "netsky"worm that's doing the rounds at the moment (they have an attachment do not open them!!)you could get "mailWasher" from firetrust (free version)I use the pro version and you can see all your e-mails on the pop server before downloading them and you can delete them without downloading them.
Just lately I am getting 200 or so a day with 6 or so viruses and the rest rubbish,so your'e not alone.Here are some links:
MailWasher:click here
Spybot:click here
hope this helps.

  anniesboy68 15:36 08 Mar 2004

I use mailwasher pro too, and its a great help to delete them before downloading. You can of course read the contents also.

  igk 15:44 08 Mar 2004

Hi anniesboy68,there is a new version 3.4 upgrade of MailWasher pro,just downloaded it.

  anniesboy68 16:53 08 Mar 2004

igk...Thanks, have it already, had it for weeks. However will investigate in case there is something added, although they let you know normally. What a blessing this program is, with all these virus's about, I have had four e mails today from them "there unknown"

  Simon258 17:08 08 Mar 2004

Thanks to all of you. I'll download mailwasher, spybot and ePrompter...and be more careful in future!!

  anniesboy68 18:32 08 Mar 2004

Simon258...Make sure you do then lol

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