Outlook Express log jam

  NotsoHotmale 07:43 04 Apr 2004

I am unable to get into Outlook Express, to send or receive any e-mails on my Freeserve account, since last night, following trying to delete some messages from the in box of my MSN Hotmail account.
When I open Outlook Express, the version 6.0 logo comes up as usual, then a box appears with the green arrow seemingly performing the task and the blue line, indicating progress, appears almost complete but static.
It reads: Performing offline tasks.
Account: Hotmail
Folder: Deleted items.
It sticks like this until the message "This program has performed an illegal operation and will shut down". And it does close down.
During this time, I am unable to move anywhere else or do anything.
I have been to MSN, Hotmail and emptied every folder (in, sent, draft, junk, deleted) so nothing at all remains and rebooted several times but can't get anywhere.
Can anyone help me out of this log jam please?

  Valvegrid 07:55 04 Apr 2004

Have you tried cleaning up the files? If you go to Tools>Options then click on the maintenance tab and click on the Cleanup button. In the window which opens, click on the Compact, Remove messages and Delete button respectively. If you still get the problem you may have to delete the dbx files, but that's a bit more involved, so one step at a time.

  NotsoHotmale 09:37 04 Apr 2004

Thanks for trying, Valvegrid, but I'm still stuck. When I go to Tools > Internet Options, in Internet Explorer, I get the following tabs: General, Security, Privacy, Content, Connections, Programs, Advanced but no sign of a maintenance tab. There are also the options of deleting temporary internet files & cookies, as well as the history.
Now, if I open Outlook Express, I still get the box performing offline deleting task, as described above, but I can't click on anything at all, including Tools on the top bar.
I wonder if I'm missing something in your advice, which sounds comprehensive?

  bremner 09:39 04 Apr 2004

Vavlegrids advice relates to Outlook Express not Internet Explorer.

  Valvegrid 09:44 04 Apr 2004

No, it's in the Tools, Options in OE6 not internet explorer.

OK, try a repair of IE6/OE6 by going to Add/Remove programs.

If you still get problems, make sure you've saved all your emails you want to keep saved elsewhere on your HD, because this will remove all your messages.

Do a search for *.dbx which take you were the files are kept.

Then delete everything in that folder, OE6 will put everything back in there next time you re-run it.

  Valvegrid 09:50 04 Apr 2004

Thanks bremner.

NotsoHotmale, I have to go out now and won't be back till this afternoon, so maybe someone else can pick your thread up if you still have problems.

Good luck


  NotsoHotmale 13:07 04 Apr 2004

Tried repair of IE6 and rebooted. Unfortunately made no difference.
When I tried add/delete OE6, it only gives option of removing it altogether, not repairing. Should I do this? And, if so, what next to re-install?
Not sure what Paul meant by searching for *.dbx If it becomes necessary to do it, can someone please take me through it?
I'd prefer to keep all my e-mails but I would be prepared to lose them to get back on the tracks and catch up lost time. Thanks to you both for help so far.

  NotsoHotmale 16:43 04 Apr 2004

Back in business. Downloaded new version of OE6, rebooted and it seems OK now. Thanks for all your help.

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