Outlook Express. I've lost my files

  1936 18:22 04 Sep 2006

My computer crashed. When I went into my E-Mails most of the files including the Inn Files had gone. Any ideas why and what I can do if anything to get them back?

  rawprawn 18:42 04 Sep 2006

Search for .DBX

  1936 19:32 04 Sep 2006

Sorry but what is DBX and where will I find it?

  skidzy 23:33 04 Sep 2006

Start/search..type .DBX

  johnnyrocker 23:45 04 Sep 2006

depending on os you might get away with system restore


  1936 08:15 05 Sep 2006

Right, I found the way to get to .DBX files and it meant using using the change preferences and looking at hidden folders then a load of .DBX folders came to light.
Thers only one problem. I can not open them because I do not know what I use to open them with. I tried Word but all that did was show many lines of small boxes. So, could you please tell me how to find a what ever its called to open the .DBX folders with. Many thanks.

  rawprawn 08:43 05 Sep 2006

You need to import the into Outlook Express

  1936 09:26 05 Sep 2006

Sorry but thick as it may seem I do not know how to import Outlook Express.

  Input Overload 09:32 05 Sep 2006

On OE go file (top left hand side)/Import/Messages.

  1936 18:55 05 Sep 2006

Right, I found the files and clicked onto import in the top left hand corner of OE and a box came up asking me to select a programme so I selected MS OE 6 as its what I use and clicked next. Another box came up saying identify to import from and I can get no further. Could you please take me through the correct procedure as it is Greek to me.

  jz 21:50 05 Sep 2006

You might not be able to get them back. Here's a reply I sent earlier today to someone on this forum with a similar problem...

I'm afraid that Outlook Express mailboxes are very easily corrupted, and mail disappears without Outlook Express prompting you that there is a problem. Interrupting the compacting process can cause corruption.

A folder called Work in Outlook Express gets stored as work.dbx. If it gets corrupted, OE generates a new one called work(1).dbx (or something similar).

I can't help you with your current problem, but in future, make regular backups of your dbx files.

I really don't know what OE can't flag a message to say that there's a problem. Also, it would be nice if OE prompted us from time-to-time, asking if we'd like to make a backup.

Thunderbird users: is Thunderbird any better in this respect?

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