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  The Lemon 07:49 01 Jul 2007

HI all, In Outlook Express in my address book I have a few very large groups. My aim is to be able to print a list of the names with their e mail addressess ie one person takes up one line, so that I may be able to get maybe 30 names and e mail adressess to one page of A4. The only way so far I can think of doing it is copying and then pasting into word each individual member. As I'm going to have aged considerably before I have finished this task!!! I was wandering if any of you guys or girls out there might know a quicker way of doing this task? Thanks for any suggestions. Lemon

  TopCat® 11:46 01 Jul 2007

Is this what you wanted? TC. click here

  The Lemon 08:58 07 Jul 2007

Just a note that might help somebody out there with the same problem. See the posting The Lemon 1/7/07. I could not find a way of printing the e mail addressess of a group. The mistake I was making was in the address book, I had the file main identity contacts open. Then I was left clicking on the group and printing, which of course just printed out the names of the people in the group. The way I solved it (with help from the forum obviously) is to left click the plus sign of the main identity contacts folder, then the groups show up underneath. Just highlight the group and then print.Hey presto!!!
This still uses up quite a lot of paper (6 addressess per sheet) so the only other way of doing it is to copy (one at a time) and then paste into word each address. Takes a lot longer but you have a much more compact list.
Thanks guys.
The Lemon

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