outlook express freezing

  ger-284341 18:39 17 Jun 2003

while opening oe 6 it wont display the inbox screen even though it starts to receive any incoming mail.then when i try to start it from its folder it throws back "device not working "when i d.click the oemig50.exe. has anyone had a similar problem.i've tried re installing oe but the same error still occurs.

  Wak 20:06 17 Jun 2003

Hi, Have you tried to do a repair on INTERNET EXPLORER??? Repairing IE6 also affect and repair Outlook Express.

  ger-284341 20:10 18 Jun 2003

i've tried re installing ie as well.is there a different wayu i can run a repair on ie 6.

thanks for the interest wak

  Wak 20:21 18 Jun 2003

I'm running Win 98SE and there are two ways to get to Repair IE.
1. go to Start/ Programs/ Accessories/ System Tools/ System Information/ Tools/ Internet Explorer Repair tool.
2. Start/ Settings/ Control Panel/ Add,Remove Programs/ Highlight Microsoft IE6 and click the Add/Remove button and select to REPAIR IE.
You didn't say what system you are running but I hope this will be of some help to you.

  ger-284341 23:14 23 Jun 2003

many thanks wak for your help.i tried the second option above and it seems to have fixed the problem. sorry for the delay in replying to u. again, many thanks

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