Outlook Express - Forwarding and Replies

  Graham. 20:01 20 Mar 2008

Still not got a satisfactory system.

I receive mail directed to a charity. I forward them to the appropriate person. When that person replies, they were just coming back to me, as the 'Reply' button had been used.

I have advised them to use the 'Reply All' button, so that the originator gets a reply, and I get a copy.

The trouble is, when I get a reply I don't know which button was used, and I have to Forward the reply to the originator.

Is there a better way?

  Clapton is God 20:13 20 Mar 2008

When you forward an e-mail to someone, it simply appears to the recipient as if only you had sent it (although they can see the originator's details in the message body).

The person who originally sent it to you doesn't appear in the 'From' part of the forwarded e-mail.

So, whether someone then uses Reply or Reply All, their reply will only ever come to you.

  Graham. 20:38 20 Mar 2008

Thanks, but that is debateable click here

  Clapton is God 20:44 20 Mar 2008

Debatable or not, I've just tried it in OE and it's as I state.

It may be different in other e-mail clients.

  Terry Brown 21:36 20 Mar 2008

In outlook Express,select one of the messages that should go to the charity.
Click on Message, Create rule from message
In section 2 select Forward it to people
In section 3 click on people and enter the Email address of the charity.
In section 4 , Rename it to your choice.

Copies of the Emails should then go direct to the charity (or Email you have selected).

  Graham. 22:44 20 Mar 2008

Thanks all, I will make tests in the morning.

  Graham. 09:56 21 Mar 2008

It seems the best way to deal with this is for me to continue to act as 'operator', forward the mail and then forward the replies. This way, I know everything has been dealt with.

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