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  Goldcroft 07:54 06 Apr 2003

Does anyone know of a forum, similar to this one, but dedicated to Outlook Express please? Failing that a decent website where questions can be posted? I have searched for a few, but many seem either to be closed down or dormant or whatever.

Specifically, at the moment, the problem I have is that I have a new Yahoo email address. Everytime I activate the send/receive button, OE stops on that address and I am asked for a password. And it doesn't seem to accept just about every password I throw at it! Just want to get rid of it.

  powerless 08:01 06 Apr 2003

Well i can answer your Yahoo problem. Yahoo does not allow acces to your mail via Outlook Express, they stopped that a year or two a ago. But if you really want to recieve your Yahoo mail via Outlook Express then you have to pay for it. click here

  powerless 08:02 06 Apr 2003

I mean if you want to use OE to access your Yahoo email then you can do, but you have to pay for it.

It was once free, but not anymore.

  MAJ 08:15 06 Apr 2003

The best place to find a discussion or forum for a specific subject is at a Newsgroup, Goldcroft. Go to Google click here and click the "Groups" tab. Type in, in your case, Outlook Express and you should find some.

Here's one for example:


just paste that address into the Groups Search.

  Megatyte 09:07 06 Apr 2003

To get rid of it open OE, click on Tools - Accounts, under the Mail tab click on the Yahoo account and then click remove.


  the real Ali G 09:51 06 Apr 2003

Can't answer the forum question but re accessing your yahoo account from Outlook Express - you CAN - I do and I don't pay. Just follow the instructions in yahoo help.
click here

  Brian-336451 09:57 06 Apr 2003
  Goldcroft 10:29 06 Apr 2003

Thanks to all who responded. Will try Ali G's tip, but there seems to be a difference of opinion and if it doesn't work will delete the Yahoo address if Powerless is right.

  the real Ali G 10:45 06 Apr 2003

Just thought of another thing you may not have done (also to be found in yahoo help):
POP Access Option
Have you selected the option for POP access on the Mail Delivery Status page? To find out if you have, click on "Options" in Yahoo! Mail, and then on POP Access & Forwarding. Make sure to click "Submit" when you're done. Please note, you won't receive POP access if you've selected the "Forwarding" option. These are separate features that can't be used at the same time.

  powerless 10:53 06 Apr 2003

Like i say you cannot access you Yahoo! mail from OE.

I just tried it myself and recieved this email via the web...

Have a read of this...

Hello (my username)

You recently attempted to retrieve your Yahoo! Mail messages using a POP3 client such as Outlook Express. Yahoo! Mail no longer provides free POP3 Access or Auto Mail Forwarding to Yahoo! Delivers subscribers.

If you would like to continue using Mail Forwarding or POP3 Access, please sign up for our improved package that allows you to:

Use Outlook, Eudora, or another POP3 client to access and manage your Yahoo! Mail.
Automatically forward your Yahoo! Mail to another email account -- even another Yahoo! address.
Send larger attachments, now up to 5MB instead of the free 1.5MB limit.
Send email without the Yahoo! promotional text at the bottom.*
Sign up now

Of course, you will still have free access to your Yahoo! Mail messages on the web at click here.

If you have just subscribed to this service, please disregard this notification.

Yahoo! Mail

For further information, please read our frequently asked questions. Please note that your Yahoo! Delivers settings will not be affected.

*Applies only to email sent through the Yahoo! SMTP servers.

  Goldcroft 11:49 06 Apr 2003

Afraid that AliG seems to be correct. I have just set up an entirely new email account with yahoo and followed AliG's instructions and have set up forwarding to a tiscali email address and it seems to work, with no demand for cash. The only drawback, if I have understood correctly, is that it will only forward 2 or 3 times a week not instantly. Am I right AliG?

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