outlook express formatting toolbar

  Dr Grumps 07:45 31 Jan 2003

ok, i seem to have lost the outlook express formattng toolbar. and when i go to view and toolbars to put it back the option is blanked out !
im not sure why

anyone know?



  watchful 07:55 31 Jan 2003

In O.E. have you tried View/Layout to see if there is a tick in the box to show or hide?

  Dr Grumps 08:06 31 Jan 2003

yes the ticks that are need are in there, the only toolbar missing is the one that is used for the text formating and stuff like that !


  watchful 08:27 31 Jan 2003

On mine (Win XP) the format tab only appears when creating mail, in the New Message window.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:28 31 Jan 2003

Are you still sending emails in HTML or Rich Text Format? Or has it switched to the plain text format (the one you should use for security!) If it has then you won't be able to format text anyway.

  Dr Grumps 08:54 31 Jan 2003

Your the man !! thanks i was sending them in plain text. i duno how that happened !

Silly me !

Thanks all


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