Outlook Express on external hard drive

  GeoffR 16:48 28 May 2007

My Pc has given up the ghost and I am using a laptop. I have put the old hard drive in a caddy and connected it via USB to the laptop. I am able to access the old drive and have transferred many of the files across to the laptop hard drive.

I am having no success with transferring either messages or address book from Outlook Express. I only seem to get gobbleydook being imported into the laptop OE and then I have the tedious job of deleting it.

I have tried somne internet software but when it gets to specifying the file to be transferred the only option offered is "Main Identity" which of course is the laptop OE.

I should appreciate advice.

  Batch 17:03 28 May 2007

How are you trying to copy the messages and address book? E.g. are you literally copying the files or are you importing (from within OE).

Also what version of OE was on the duff PC and what version on the lappie?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:48 28 May 2007

Search your old computer for files ending .dbx. These are your emails. There should be Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx, Drafts.dbx etc. There must also be Folders.dbx, this is the data telling OE how the emails are compressed. Save all these dbx files, then you can either import them into OE on your new computer, or overwrite the files of the same name in the new computer. Look for a file called (name).wab, this is your address book, and a folder called Favorites. Save these and either import or overwrite to transfer them.

  GeoffR 18:05 29 May 2007

Unfortunately I do not have the old computer, merely the hard drive which I have connected to the laptop via a caddy and USB connector.

The Outlook Express version is 6.0 2900.2180 on both the old disc and the laptop.

Although I can open OE on both the old disc and the laptop, which shows a number of files such as Address Book, in neither location can I find any .dbx files.

As I mentioned I have been unable to get the OE import facility to work and I have also tried copying the wab file etc to a CD but that doesn't work.

It is kind of you to bother about my problem.

Geoff Richards

  Batch 18:32 29 May 2007

You say that you "can open OE on both the old disc and the laptop". Surely you can only open OE from the booted laptop?

It should be exactly as Fruit Bat /\0/\ says. If you search the laptop drive you should find a folder with all the .dbx files (as originaly from the laptop). Similarly if you search the old PC HDD you should find the .dbx files (that are the mail folders). You can then overwrite the laptop ones with the old PC ones.

Likewise with the address book, which should be <username>.wab where <username> is the username!

Can't think what else to suggest if you cannot locate the relevant files on the old PC HDD.

  GeoffR 18:04 03 Jun 2007

I am going in circles, with messages coming up to say the address book has been locked by another application or unable to complete import. The loss of my addresses is a nuisance but I have decided to cut my losses and forget the whole thing.

Thanks for the time you have devoted to trying to assist me

All the best

Geoff Richards

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