Outlook Express Error message

  TomG 20:48 03 Jun 2003


All of a sudden OE refuses to send mail - it receives ok but I get the following error message

The connection to the server has failed account pop3.ukonline.co.uk. Server smtp.ukonline.co.uk. Protocol smtp port 7365 secure(ssl) no. socket error 10061 error number 0x800CCC0E.

I've been to the Microsoft support site but cannot find any solution.

Any ideas please?

  TBH1 20:55 03 Jun 2003

I've had this in the past, a number of things have caused it.
Firstly double check your outgoing mail server settings - am sure you have already.
Secondly if you, like me, use Outlook Express for multiple email accounts, although it will pick up mail from all , it will only send from the relevant ISP - - for example I sign on via ntl and use OE for btopenworld, tiscali and ntl and have configured to collect all. However, I can only send from ntl account.
One more thing, I have also had troubles with this when ntl have had trouble with their mail server - - -it rights itself eventually.

  TomG 21:05 03 Jun 2003

Thanks - I'm only set up in OE for one account and as it was working earlier I'm a bit confused

  bambam005 22:14 03 Jun 2003

Call ukonline to see if it has any problems with it's POP3 server as this may be causing your problem - Here's something which might also help click here

  Valvegrid 22:37 03 Jun 2003

Also check to see if you can access your account via web mail. I sometimes have to do this with my NTL account to 'jolly it up' I usually find that when I run OE again it works.


  fullywired23 23:29 03 Jun 2003

I have just had a similar problem,I e-mailed the BT help desk but their solution did'nt work ,So I did a system restore to a time when it was working ok and this cured the problem,depending on what O/S you are on I would try this

Regards viejo

  TomG 14:43 04 Jun 2003

Sorted it - the outgoing server port had change????????

Oh well another mystery

Thanks all for your advice

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