jonski 11:09 04 Nov 2009

Hi all, hoping someone can assist me on this one..In my Outlook Express i have all my contacts listed down the left hand side of the frame, i`ve just manually added a new contact, and when i`ve clicked on ok all my contacts have disappeared from the view window. My colleague had this problem about a month ago and had to manually re-add all his contacts, but as i`ve over 800 email addys i don`t really want to be doing the same.

I`m running Win XP and have tried to import from the address book but it won`t let me. And i`ve gone into the view option and made sure that contacts is checked for viewing.

Any suggestions?


  jonski 11:16 04 Nov 2009

I`v also just tried adding a new emai addy and when i click ok there is nothing coming up??

  oldbeefer2 11:30 04 Nov 2009

Do you still have the contacts box showing bottom left? If not, view, layout then tick contacts.

  jonski 11:32 04 Nov 2009

Yes the contacts box is still showing on the left.

  Sea Urchin 11:32 04 Nov 2009

Open OE - Tools menu. If you click on Address Book... can you see all your addresses?

  jonski 11:44 04 Nov 2009

Yes Sea Urchin, they are all there.

  Sea Urchin 11:48 04 Nov 2009

You say you have over 800 addresses - that may be your problem. Microsoft say that if you have over 999 addresses the Contacts Pane will become blank - but in practise I have known it to be less than that. The only answer is to delete some addresses from the address book, or use the address book for Contacts.

You can of course open a New mail and click on the To: and select an address

  jonski 11:58 04 Nov 2009

Sea Urchin, give yourself a great big pat on the back...Just deleted 50 or so addy`s and when i`ve clicked on delete, my contacts have filled up again.

Geez i was worried there for a minute.

Thanks alot


  Sea Urchin 12:04 04 Nov 2009

Good to know that was the problem - glad it's sorted

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