Outlook Express-compact messages

  prince midas 13:52 16 May 2008

I get every other day a message saying do you wish to compact emails.

I do not want to do this as last time I said yes it deleted a load of important messages I wished to save.

How can I stop it asking me.

  rickd 14:18 16 May 2008

Not sure how to turn it off, but its never deleted any of mine. Check that you haven't ticked the box under Tools, Options, Maintenance, when compacting "delete blah" ....

  mfletch 15:15 16 May 2008

You cannot stop it just donot use the computer when it is compacting if you do this is when it deletes your messages {let it finish}

It will ask again when you have opened outlook express 100 times,

  Terry Brown 16:13 16 May 2008

The inbox has a finite size (memory), which is the reason for the message (it is getting full up .

To save your Emails do the following:

Create a folder on your hard drive, stick or floppy (which ever you choose).

Highlight the Emails you wish to keep and drag & drop (or copy & paste) to the folder.

They will be automaticy saved as *.eml files, which can be opened at any time and treated like any other file.

you can then safely delete them your mail box, creating space.

  prince midas 17:49 16 May 2008

Terry Brown I have used your delete method and saved them in a seperate folder,thanks again.

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