Outlook Express closes down when I close a mail

  lordav 11:16 31 Oct 2003

I have outlook express 6 running XP proffesional.

When I have read a mail and close it using the x in the top left corner the program itself closes too.

Any advise would be appreciated thanks.


  Djohn 11:23 31 Oct 2003

Tools/options, connections tab, you will see a tick in the box, "Hang up after sending/receiving mail" just un-tick and your program will stay open until you close it. j.

  lordav 11:41 31 Oct 2003

This box is already unticked.

The problem happens not when I have sent/recieved mail it is when I am reading mail already received.


  Stuartli 12:48 31 Oct 2003

Look under "messages, reading offline" in OE Help - it may help regarding the type of messages and your disconnecting.

  lordav 18:49 31 Oct 2003

It doesnt go off line just closes down Outlook express. Checked on reading messages nothing to help my problem

  Djohn 19:01 31 Oct 2003

You say the X in the topleft. Do you mean top right?

  denchris 19:10 31 Oct 2003

Why are you trying to close your mail, simply read it and move on to your next message, after which you can move to another folder , delete or whatever....

  lordav 19:34 31 Oct 2003

Yes I did mean right sorry.

  lordav 19:36 31 Oct 2003

Chris I don't do it your way because when I delete one to move on to the next it sometimes jumps and takes two mails

  Djohn 19:45 31 Oct 2003

I don't use Express for my mail, I'm with AOL. But your correct, you should be able to close the "Read mail" window and still keep express open.

I've just tried it on my machine and it works fine. It is obviously a setting somewhere but, sorry I can't find it. Someone will have the answer though, even if it means a repair of Outlook Express by re-installing the files again, but not being to familiar with the program, I will leave the instructions for this to someone else. Good luck and regards. j.

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