Outlook Express causing slowdown

  rodriguez 12:53 04 Nov 2006

My dad's PC has recently become very slow, and when I did Ctrl, Alt, Del to see what was using up all the CPU, I found that msimn.exe was using up 160MB of RAM. I think this is Outlook Express, but I can't see why it should use up this amount of RAM. The only thing I can see when Outlook Express is opened is "Sending mail..." at the bottom corner and it goes very unresponsive. Could something be trying to send a 160MB email? And if so why, and can the offending 160MB file be deleted? I haven't had chance to run a spyware check yet as it's my dad's and he keeps turning it off because he can hardly use it. However, when I try it in the day before anyone comes home to use it, it's fine and I think this slowdown is only triggered when Outlook Express is run. All your suggestions are welcome.

  rodriguez 15:29 04 Nov 2006

It's ok now I fixed it - there was a 300 MB file that was trying to send, so I found the offending outbox.dbx file and replaced it with an empty one.

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