Outlook Express - can't receive emails from ISP

  Claremarianne 14:16 20 Aug 2005

Connection to our ISP (Wanadoo) is fine when we start a Send/Receive. However, for some time now we have to 'resend' our password when we start the receive part. Having done this, if we go surfing and then do another send/receive we do not have to enter passwords again. Just before we went on holiday (of course!) we suddenly found that we couldn't receive e-mails any more. The pop-up box came up, we entered our password, but the box reappeared still asking for the password to be entered. Interestingly enough there is also a 'remember my password' check box which is greyed out when we start (because no password has been entered). When we enter the password this box remains greyed out (as though O.E. thinks that we haven't entered anything). This repeats itself until you give up and cancel the operation. We then get the message that an invalid user name or password hs been used. This is logical if a blank or null password has been sent to Wanadoo. We can get at our mail on the server directly through Web-mail. Wanadoo made a number of sugestions but neither worked unfortunately. There are now only a couple of small e-mails on our 'server inbox' so it can't be that a large e-mail is trying to get to us.
We are up-to-date as at mid-July with Windows Home XP SP2 plus all its updates and have not installed anything immediately prior to this problem occurring.

Any suggestions?


  johnnyrocker 14:25 20 Aug 2005

delete and recreate the account you will lose nothing.


  ened 15:12 20 Aug 2005

I have found that much of the time the problem starts off at the wanadoo end. They never admit to this and often people (as I used to do) will be changing their own settings to attempt to resolve a non-existent problem with their machine.

Follow the advice of johnnyrocker and if it ever happens again wait a while to see if it sorts itself out.

  Claremarianne 08:30 23 Aug 2005

Thanks both of you. Instead of just deleting the account with Wanadoo and setting it up again I have set up a new one. The aim is to see if I can repeat the problem. If so, then that does point to a problem with Outlook Express itself. Unfortunately I don't seem able to be up a new account on "freeserve.co.uk"; I have to set it up on "fsmail.net". This probably means that I have to use a different telephone number.
The testing continues.....

  Claremarianne 20:16 27 Aug 2005

After a second e-mail from Wanadoo I realised that I had misunderstood what both of you were suggesting! Wanadoo also suggested that I delete my account and set it up again, but they were more specific and I realised that you all were probably talking about the Account info that was in Outlook Express (not in subsequent elements in Internet Explorer or actually on the Web account. So, having setup the account again frm the Wanadoo instructions I tried again and.....
It didn't work!
I then changed the references from Wanadoo to Freeserve (because we still have one of the original Freeserve accounts), corrected a mistake in the Username, and now I'm a happy bunny!

Incidentally this corrected 3 problems - the inability to receive from Freeserve, the need to enter my password a second time, and, as an added bonus, the problem with reading e-mails that I received from work!

So, thanks again for your help.

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