Outlook Express - Can't Read Messages

  KW2K 11:22 10 Apr 2004

Wonder if anyone has an idea why this is happening. Problem:In OE, if someone sends me an e-mail message, it says I've received mail, it tells me who its from with the subject and date received, but in the window below there is nothing at all, however if I click on the message and select forward the message is there and I can read it ! But why can't I read it without selecting forward ? Any Ideas anyone. I've checked all the usual esttings in Tools-Options but all to no avail !


  johnnyrocker 11:39 10 Apr 2004

security settings in options?


  KW2K 11:57 10 Apr 2004

Hi Johnnyrocker, Everything looks ok in the security area. Running out of ideas now ! Having a look on the Microsoift Web Site but it's a minefield trying to find things, unless you know where to look !

  VoG II 12:21 10 Apr 2004

Preview Pane disabled?

Go to Inbox, View, Layout, tick preview pane.

However, best not to to do this for security reasons. Double click the message header to read the e-mail.

  KW2K 12:40 10 Apr 2004

Hi VoG,
That suggestion was definately worth a look ! But unfortunately everything was ok there as well. Oh Well, just need to keep trying !
Thanks Again !

  GaT7 19:01 12 Apr 2004

Try these...

1. Open OE. Tools -> Options -> Read. Click International Settings (bottom right corner). Check the 'Use default encoding...' box. OK, Apply, OK. Close OE. Reopen to see if your problem recurs.

2. If still no joy open Internet Explorer (IE), click View/Encoding. Make a note of the setting. Now change to something different - AutoSelect or Western European (ISO) or Western European (Windows). Change between the 3 options above, each time reopening OE to see if it's made any difference. If no difference, you may want to return to IE & return it to it's original setting you made note of earlier.

3. Disable e-mail scanning in your antivirus product, then test to see if it still happens.

4. Do a scan with Adaware click here & Spybot-S&D click here after UPDATING them. Also do an online ad/spyware scan at click here.

  GaT7 19:17 12 Apr 2004

5. Also try clearing the Temp and Temporary Internet folders. Then open OE to check.

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