Outlook Express and Blueyonder.

  gios100 18:38 09 Sep 2005

Easy one for you this.

I'm using Blueyonder for my ISP.

With this I get mailboxes, I can have four mail addresses in each box.

Is it possible to just receive the e-mail from one address from the box with other e-mail address in it. The way it works at the moment whoever opens their e-mail first downloads all the others in the box.

Any ideas?


  johnnyrocker 19:47 09 Sep 2005

somewhere in properties you will find the facility to put a tick in leave message on server or alternatively set up message rules to divert to each others box.


  Zion_Lion 20:56 09 Sep 2005

Hi gios100, I have only achieve this by each user having there own user account in Windows.
If you open outlook express and navigate to tools/accounts and click on the mail tab, you will see all the mail accounts that are linked to the user of the windows account.

At this point you can click on each mail account and select the properies button to view the account information and to choose whether you want to include the account when receiving mail.
If you untick the (include this account when receiving mail) box, then that account will not receive emails. So if that email account belongs to someone that uses your windows user accout, they will not be able to receive their mail.
So as you can see this is no good if you are all using the same user account.
Are you using one mail box and giving each other person an alias mail account from that mail box, if so you will not be able to receive your mail seperately either.

Like johnnyrocker say's, you can either keep unticking everyone else's account in outlook express (which will soon become a pain) so that only your mail is downloaded, or you can set up message rules in (tools/message rules/mail) so that each persons mail is downloaded into there own folder created in outlook, but will all still dowload at once.

If there is a better way to do this, I also would like to know...lol.

Regards ZL

  gios100 22:44 09 Sep 2005

It seems the only sure way is to give each user a separate mailbox. Because unless you do this any mail thats in the box will be downloaded even if its not yours.

seems a bit odd though not being able to share a mailbox without reading each other mail.

  VoG II 22:59 09 Sep 2005

Here's how click here

  Zion_Lion 16:40 10 Sep 2005

Nice one VoG, I must have set the rules up wrongly when I tried this route.

  gios100 19:14 10 Sep 2005

Yes thanks VoG.

You are DA MAN

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